“A” Poem

Eyes wetMind heavyCan’t breatheThroat chokedSenses numbedFluctuating beats Speechless as I speakReflections I truly seeCrystals are still greenStaring at those scenesMemories on my screenThe heart simply bleeds The voice of yours is stuck in meThe lines you used to write to meThe song that you did sing for meThe picture is burnt deep inside of meThe […]

Reblogging – When you look into me

You looked at meWith those intense eyesYou smiled at meWith those beautiful lipsYou cried with meWith tears in your eyesYou held me tightWith those earthly armsYou gave me spaceWith that loving heartYou were there for meWith those meaningful wordsThe impression of youIs permanent in me The energy from the momentHas struck me deepThe sole purpose […]

Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

I’m dancing in beast mode to free my demons of restlessness, desperation, anger, anxiety, panic, fear & similar feelings & emotions.

A poem – Burning the Soul

It could be difficult to see that every single moment can be a struggle if lived from the shallow. On the other hand, life can be a flow if every moment is lived from the deep. I happen to seesaw quite a lot.

Lightning Rhymes

Sometimes it’s difficult to come out of anxiety, restlessness & similar emotions, which trigger a piercing sensation in my brain. I’m learning to live one moment at a time to find peace, instead of thinking about my future.


It’s like when things become difficult from time to time, when I burn extra energy to focus on simple things, whether it’s fixing, cooking, carrying a tray or cycling, the mood crazily shifts & swings – feeling of frustration & anger pops up. Because it’s still difficult to accept a few things, even though it’s […]