A Poem – Images

I am a ticking bomb but I don’t want to really snap
This ground is shaking, it’s just me not the quake
I look like a solid rock but I’m crashing down to simply crack

The countless spots in my scan, are like bullets fired at close range
This image is burned into my head, where I’m shooting with my rage
I’m trying to find my peace but it’s hiding behind those layers

When I stare at my ribcage, I see a broken heart & a broken face
If only I could cut open my chest to let loose my inner pain
I’m screaming loud in closed space so my heart can finally escape

I see this picture up in my head where I’m lying down on my bed
Publishing my last lines on wordpress & texting goodbye to my friends
Talking one last time to my family while my soul is about to ascend in air

I’m not afraid of death & honestly, I haven’t given up on my myself
I’m just enraged coz I can’t always fix the pieces of my broken frame
So I get engaged with my demons to char them into burning flames

I’m losing balance on my tricky track, so I pause to take a deep breath
To simply sense my manic phase, it feels as if I’m breaking into flakes
One day the fire will penetrate & change everything into smoke & ash

—– A poem – Images —–

A poem – Images is about how I feel from time to time. I’m impatient coz it’s not easy to deal with my condition & sometimes, I fall in the deep hole, where I’m picturing my own death. It doesn’t mean I look negative at my situation & my life. I accept these moments as they too are equally important & there’s place to feel them in my system. Life isn’t just positivity, happiness & sunshine 24/7. There’s also space for anxiety, sadness, pain & darkness and some other shades. I don’t believe in hiding & I’m not ashamed how I feel. Light or dark, sunshine or rain, clear or cloudy sky have their meaning & importance.

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48 thoughts on “A Poem – Images

  1. Dearest Navin,
    That was sooo deeply and powerfully written I near jumped on the next plane to check in on you. I loved your honesty here and your explaination at the bottom which helped me relax in to embracing our shadow side as well as light which we all have by the way , in case anyone reading, thinks they are exempt. These times that crack and break us make us stronger. And darling, if ever you even think about saying goodbye on word press, make sure it is for a vacation that is well deserved but come back for a visit.. I would miss you but our destiny is already chosen. Really honest strong piece and I’m wishing you a peaceful night. ❤️🤗 ❤️ Cindy

    1. “I near jumped on the next plane to check in on you”….please don’t, it’s covid-19 time, dearest Cindy 😉….how sweet of you with your heartfelt words….thank you for your kindness….true, our destiny is already chosen….we look flesh & blood….but we’re nothing but formless….so I’ll always be around….peace is what I find….perhaps, it’s me who hides from the peace….much love ❤️

      1. Oh that’s right.. Covid lol.. how could I forget that.. hahahaha.. sorry not funny. That is how well you wrote that however so you truly captured the essence of what it means to suffer. You are so welcome and you are important to me and yes, you will always be around as that is soooo true. Peace comes and goes and yet all we have to do is let go and let be, let god.. love back at you❤️❤️❤️

        1. Well, it’s kinda funny 😉….always feel free….oh, I did understand what you meant by “I nearly jumped on the next plane”….thank you so much for your kindness….”Peace comes and goes and yet all we have to do is let go and let be, let god.. “….I’ll always remember that ❤️

          1. well it is because.. shhhhh don’t tell anyone but I am hiding out in my best Covid life tucked away in the corner of my soul which I love. Oh good, glad you got it. oh I’m glad you will remember that. Sending you a very big hug and lots of love! 🤗❤️

  2. A poigant and powerful imagination skills in this poem. Navin you have mastered this art of this emotions so well. It deep and dark… I didn’t even leave WordPress out on this post…

    Keep up the good work as always 😊✌

    1. Thanks Raghavasree….those were the images on my screen….they disappear & reappear from time to time though…I’m glad you liked my poem….your kind support means a lot 🤗

        1. That’s true….”It’s all about how we cope with them”….what can I say more….it’s a good reminder….you too have a good day 😊

  3. This is such a deep poem, and I love it. You are right, life isn’t sunshine 24/7, but I hope you “find sunshine after the darkest nights”. 😊💗✨
    And I hope if you decide to leave Word Press, it’s just a hiatus.

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words….I’m glad you loved it….haha “hiatus”….I’m trying to find sunshine behind the darkness….humans are evolving & earth is revolving 😊✨💙

  4. My Dearest Navin, again that force, that power, and that incredible talent of yours. You are alive. You are unbelievable. Your verses are strong, so are your feelings. I sometimes think I am dead. I do not know. But I know you are not. Have a great sleep my unbelievable talented friend.
    Love ❤️

    1. Dearest Gabriela, again the heartfelt words….again the great support….I’m deeply thankful….why would you think you’re dead, when you’re more than alive….a life….sending love your way ❤️✨

  5. OMG…. ❤️❤️ I’m so intensely thrilled to have come across your amazing work. Such a powerful beautiful honest and incredible poem, the words cut deep within my bones. Just wow Navin, your soul lingers profound beauty 😊❤️🌹

    1. Oh wow….such a huge praise….I’m humbled & grateful to read your beautiful words….I haven’t read a single poetry of yours yet….but I can sense….that your lines are beautiful with a deeper sense….thank you very much ✨❤️😊

      1. So welcome 😊…. Thank you kindly, I’m hardly a poet. Not learned or studied at all at it, so I only write from what’s within my heart and soul. Your an inspiration ❤️

        1. We all have a poet….an artist within us….I’m hardly a poet either….I do exactly the same….I express what I realize….how I feel….from what’s within my heart & soul….I wrote my first poem in late 2017….coz I felt like expressing what’s going on within me….before that, I had never written any poetry….poem comes to me….than I think & formulate it….you do the same ✨❤️

          1. Wow yeah that’s amazing, what you wrote Is seriously from out of this world. Beautiful ❤️ and thanks for the encouragement 😊

    1. I’m “glad”, I’m not the only one….learning acceptance is crazy difficult….I agree with you….but it’s not impossible….thank you for your love, light & support….much love & light ❤️✨

  6. Navin, this is an extremely intense piece filled with real emotion and such honesty. Thank you so much for sharing your inner self or emotions with us. It takes courage to be honest. I live with terrible anxiety because of my childhood and most of the time it is under control, other times it is overwhelming. I don’t have a lot of people I choose to be around because I don’t like a lot of putting on a face if I am feeling anxious or sad. I like to wear my heart on my sleeve. Some people are not comfortable with that but we can be who we are and we are either accepted or not. You have some people that really care about you here, I can see that. I have found wonderful friends in WordPress also. They are my friends and I love them. Other people may find that strange too but I really do. I am a strong woman but I am also fragile in other ways, especially my anxiety. Sending you lots of love, hugs and many blessings to you. Joni

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words….that means a lot to me….yeah, you did share with me about your anxiety because of the childhood….I remember you expressed your pain beautifully through your poem….I would rather show my real face than putting a mask….it doesn’t matter if people accept or not….the most important thing for me is to accept who I am & how I feel….yes, I too have found wonderful friends & I feel blessed….I had never thought of being close friends through this medium….wonders do happen….you’re definitely a strong woman….that can be felt from your writings….sending love, hugs & blessings to you, dear Joni

  7. I just read this poem again today and can strongly relate to it. In my struggles with depression I have often felt deep pain, different to that you feel for sure, but pain still. I have moved forward to be feeling OK more of the time, but reminders like this that life is not always what we want it to be every hour of every day help me to be kind to myself.

    Thank you for your honest words, your heartfelt emotion, and your willingness to share. ❤

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words….yeah, pain is pain, no matter it’s different from a creature to another….I’m glad you’re moving forward….that’s the only way….you’re absolutely correct, such reminders tell us life isn’t as we wished….it gives strength to move forward….that’s the main reason of writing poetry….it’s pure therapeutic….perhaps I take 2 steps forward & 1 backwards, but I’m moving slowly….thank you very much for your beautiful words….they touched my heart right away, Hamish 🙏❤️

      1. You’ve got plenty of reasons to write and your words show you have something worth saying from the heart. Peace to you, my friend. 😊

  8. Dear Navin I wish our words were balms and cures….i wish our well wishes healed and touched… But I don’t think they have that power… So I can only admire that you share so much and persevere in spite of it all… That is all the hope you need. 💙💙💙

    1. Dear Q, thank you for your heart words….true if words were the cure & balm, then things would be different / better….but words definitely help….they do have the therapeutic effect….if I won’t express, then they’ll remain caged in me….poetry helps from that perspective….again thank you for your words & support….I appreciate it very much 💙✨

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