I’m resting on my grounded bed in the night
But I’m simply falling
The old scene is playing constantly in my mind
Seems my reality
My heart is listening to your crystal clear voice
I’m surrounded
The soft reflection of those beautiful eyes on mine
I’m caught in them

The sound of loneliness is so loud
It’s so crowded
So I close my eyes to disappear in the dark
They are now watering
I’m shaking & twisting as if I’m entrapped
Coz it’s you I’m missing
Sinking, sinking, sinking, sinking
I’m simply drowning

I’m flowing river of emptiness
It’s my longing
Taking several painful deep breaths
I’m silently sobbing
Night has never been so heavy & long
It’s close to morning
Accepting & surrendering to the now
There’s a deeper meaning

I’m bleeding, writing, tearing, living
Atleast I’m blessed to miss someone
Like crazy
Connecting with the beautiful energy
And I keep loving, loving, loving, loving her

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Photo taken by myself. 

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32 thoughts on “Quietly

  1. … I close my eyes to disappear in the dark
    They are now watering
    I’m shaking & twisting as if I’m entrapped
    Coz it’s you I’m missing…

    😢😢 Navin 😢😢


  2. Heartbreaking and heart-breakingly beautiful…I think you are right dearest Navin, to miss someone this much, this long, this deeply, means you have loved in an Epic way,..You said it and it’s true, “At least I’m blessed to miss someone
    Like crazy” You are blessed..All of us who have loved and lost are blessed, even if our longing keeps us wide awake some nights..
    I hate to say “I know what you mean” as that would not be true..I can never know what you mean, are feeling, are living, this “silently sobbing” this “bleeding, writing, tearing, living” the Why did it end? Ah but I have been in these interminable nights of ghosts and haunting memories of my own, and so my friend, my tears fall for you..I feel the depth of pain in your lines.. and I echo what Joni says too..I hope, when you are ready, the one to help mend your heartache…will come into your life and let you sleep the whole night through, let you begin to dream anew. Beautiful poetry once again, dear friend..and feeling your lines are not just poetic but your raw truth..makes me want to whisper in your ear…” more time is needed but…It will get better”

    1. Thank you very much for your beautiful & wise words…I’m truly blessed & that’s why I wrote that line…this poem…I’m deeply touched by “my tears fall for you”…I’m every single moment mending…it’s like a dance…2 steps forward & 1 back…with a mindful rythm…slow movements…it’s my raw truth…thanks for your whispers…thank you very much for your heartfelt words ✨🙏💫🤍

  3. “Atleast I’m blessed to miss someone
    Like crazy”
    This is spoken like a true poet and a pure heart, full of gratitude no matter what.
    Your poetry felt like the land I have lived in, the river I have drowned in, the darkness I have slept in, the storm I have been through, and I wasn’t really missing anyone – perhaps I was missing from myself. But your poetry connects me back to that deep journey within, that pain and that familiar noisy silence. You just made it very beautiful to read with your words, heartbreakingly beautiful as it is to be here in this experience.

    1. I’ve just found out that your beautiful comment landed in spam folder…I have no idea why…WP seems to have its own parallel life…

      The place you speak from is your beautiful heart, Pragalbha…how poetic & divine…your sharing…I felt your lines instantly…my whole body sunk & I sighed in that moment…this made me realize that missing someone could also be missing from oneself in reality…I never thought of this before…it’s in this very moment I’m sensing it…I strongly believe that we’re reflections…when I miss someone like crazy…Am I missing that someone or am I missing me…from myself…idk if it makes any sense but this is what I’m feeling…while I miss her like crazy…that pain & noisy silence…My utmost gratitude to you for your heartfelt words, Pragalbha ✨🙏💫💟

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