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Stuck in the deep
Deeply sad times
Time is running so fast
Faster than thoughts in the head
Heading to hit the wall in full speed
Speedy recovery is what we say
Saying things will be alright
All are shaken to the core
Core is losing the hope
Hoping for the best

Gates chained
Chasing the lanes
Raising the dams
Damning the senses
Facing the phases
Crawling like ants
Breathless no air
Shouting for help
Praying like insane
Catastrophe we live

Failing to play
Falling like preys
Reds in the rain
Blaming the heaven
Firing the flames
Burning the deads
Ashes are left
Smoke prevails
Soul lives
Energy is left

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55 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. This is so stunningly beautiful, my friend!! It’s deep, raw and has such an effortless flow. Your words carry such power! Amazingly done, I absolutely love this 🖤🤗

  2. The pain is so transparent here,I could feel the emotions!! But I love the positivity at the end, soul lives with energy left!!! It’s more important that the soul lives no matter what. Beautiful and poignant 💔 Great post again. 🤗🤗

  3. The current situation we are in. ‘Stuck’ exactly. Sadly hope is in question from every direction. The flow is awesome. Wonderful articulation.

    1. Absolutely….stuck at present….that’s what I felt (& still feel) & then the words started flowing in me….thank you for your heartfelt words, Kritika ✨ ❤️

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