I used to wish this & wish that most of my life
I used to pray to God to fulfill those wishes with my closed eyes
I even sat back with empty hands & regretted this life
But one thing I was forgetting all this time
I tended to overlook what I already had by my side
I was missing the present & was concentrating on the noise
So I started to indulge in steep talks with fluctuations of my heart

It’s here I realized I was all the way so crazy wrong
Coz I started to see the intense sparks on my path so dark
I then switched to live from the deep in the now
I can see the shining light in between countless dark spots
I can sense my wish is fulfilled as I’ve reached to the sharp point
I finally know the real meaning of the falls & the rise
Just like the immense beauty & power of waterfalls & sunrise

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45 thoughts on “Wish

  1. My favourite lines
    “I finally know the real meaning of the falls & the rise
    Just like the immense beauty & power of waterfalls & sunrise”

    Simply breathtaking analogy!

  2. Such a beautiful poem, Navin. So much power and profundity in every line. I like how you help us all try to visualize what you yourself see. It’s beautiful and wonderful… In every way. Be blessed dear Navin.🤗❤️🌹🙏💜

  3. So wonderfully written the path from wishing to realization that all you wished for, you had within yourself. It is an awaking experience. 💙🙏🏼🌻💫😊

  4. Wow! This is filled with answers for every question I’ve had. Much needed for me today. Dear Navin, thanks for sharing this… in time of need. I admire the end which gives me hope. This is beautiful ❣️❣️❣️

    1. I’m delighted that you could connect with my lines, dear Preeths….thank you very much….there’s always hope, even if it sometimes look like a tiny dot 🙏❤️💫

  5. NAVIN! This has to be one of my favorite pieces of yours. I absolutely love the honesty and authenticity laced throughout this whole poem, so inspiring and deeply touching!! There are so many lines I could highlight here as my favorite, but they all work so magically together. And that final line is true perfection! What an empowering piece full of treasures, fantastically done 🖤🤗🖤🤗

    1. Oh my, I’m honoured & delighted to read your beyond beautiful lines….I am truly purely deeply touched….to the point that I’m short of words….but I hope that you can sense how grateful I really am….It’s a huge compliment & I’m slowly soaking it in….Thank you so very much, dearest ACE 🙏✨🖤💫🤍🌟🤗

  6. Every word is so beautifully composed Navin and so touching! 💖
    loved all of your lines and particularly this one:
    “I finally know the real meaning of the falls & the rise
    Just like the immense beauty & power of waterfalls & sunrise”


  7. A beautifully crafted piece from the heart, dearest Navin. The overwhelming darkness, and then the light shining so bright, as the awareness of the truth comes forth. Amazing, my friend. 🙏❤️🤗✨

  8. Awwww..! This is absolutely beautiful and amazing Navin..! Brilliant write..! Fabulous..! By the way, I’m not getting your posts in my readers list..! And also I checked whether I’m following..! Yeah, I’m following you..! Don’t know why wp is looking like this..! Have a great day.✨✨✨

    1. I’m glad you liked my poetry. Thank you very much for your lovely words, Filarance. WP acts weirdly from time to time. You may try to unfollow me first & then follow me again. Perhaps, there’s some glitch. Have a lovely weekend ✨🤍🙏

  9. A lovely poem about finding inner wisdom and peace, Navin. We do spend too much time listening to the “noise” and not enough time living “deep in the now.” Beautifully done.

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