Pain love anxiety

“A” Poem

Eyes wet
Mind heavy
Can’t breathe
Throat choked
Senses numbed
Fluctuating beats

Speechless as I speak
Reflections I truly see
Crystals are still green
Staring at those scenes
Memories on my screen
The heart simply bleeds

The voice of yours is stuck in me
The lines you used to write to me
The song that you did sing for me
The picture is burnt deep inside of me
The finger twitches as I type in anxiety
The silence fills the air through my poetry

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79 thoughts on ““A” Poem

  1. NAVIN!!!! You are one talented writer, my friend! Your emotion here is palpable, like it’s seriously dripping off your words! So amazingly written, dear friend. This poem jumped into my heart and I could seriously feel each line to my core. Thank you for that gift and for continuing to share your incredible work!!!! Keep shining, lovely Navin 🖤🤗🤍

    1. ACE!!!! Every single time I read a comment or your own post….you blow me away….I’m speechless when I read your heartfelt & kind words….thank you very much….thank you for reading my poem….I’m “glad” you could feel my poem….pain is obvious….but that’s how I learn….I fall n then I rise 🙏✨🖤

      1. Awwwwww 🖤🖤🖤, I feel the same through any of your posts or comments!!! Of course, I mean every word and it’s truly a pleasure/honor! Yes, there is no rising without falling 🙌🏻🙌🏻🖤🤗

        1. You know, I’m absolutely speechless….smiling while I read your words so precious….you’re a beautiful soul dressed as a living creature….my gratitude towards you is not just some formal gesture….the energy of yours is enlightening the universe, it’s pure appreciation ✨❤️💫🤗

  2. Brilliant work dear Navin.🤝 I love how you formed this poem to A!! And the poem is deeply painful to the reader like how the writer feels when he penned 💔💔. It’s beautifully poignant and it’s less if I say it’s an amazing work. ❣️❣️

    1. Thank you dear Preeths….you’re always there with your lovely & heartfelt words….I gave my pain this poetic form…..I was feeling it in my every cell…..❤️🖤

  3. Wow what a beautifully sad poem with the letter A so brilliantly formed throughout Navin. No doubt this is in honor of our dear Astha. I’m assuming but could be wrong. What a tribute and great work my friend!!❣️❣️❣️❣️

    1. Thank you for reading this poem, Cindy….but this poem has nothing to do with dear Astha….it’s about love & pain….in my life….related to another person….

      1. Thanks so much for clarifying Navin. I’m dosing off as I’m writing.. best close for the night. I didn’t see another email with clarification. Have a good night and talk tomorrow 💖💖💖❣️❣️

              1. You’re sweet…thanks for asking. 🙏❤️ shocked I had such side affects.. just now able to “leave the throne”.. (my bed … lol).🤣. was just trying to find the info you sent me.. I emailed you but it came back… so weird.

                1. Oh, I’m sorry to know you had side effects….I’m glad you’re feeling better….well, don’t we all like our thrones (aka bed)?….I love mine….it comforts me….weird that your mail came back….do a thing….send me a mail through my contact page….when you can….here’s the link…..

                  1. Thanks you’re very kind. only one in fam who got them… always the 1 %. none of my fam got it. guess you know what I’ll write about tomorrow. 🤣Mine was the bed. haha. it is comforting as I don’t get enough time to chillax so being sick allowed me to do so. Made me think.. I should just have a down computer free day so I don’t have to get sick. Will do. Thanks friend. And now that message you sent disappeared. 💖 xo

                    1. I’ll be waiting to read your post….but yeah, rest is necessary….so pls do take proper rest…I’ve just received 2 mails from you via my contact page 😊….I’ll reply later tonight….thank you very much….it’s kind of you that you’re going to be a part of this anthology dedicated to Astha….take some & we’ll chit-chat later 🙏❤️

                    2. Well, we’ll see if I actually write it but you know me, I’ll come up with something. Oh weird.. glad it came through. Thanks, I sure will. I feel a particular calling and love of her sweet soul and India. You are all part of me. 🙏❤️🌷 Thanks a lot Navin❣️

    1. Thank you Anisha….I felt if strongly to structure it like this….to give my words this form of pyramid / A….

    1. True, pain teaches us what love is….I’m glad you liked my poem & the creative aspect of it….I didn’t even plan anything….poem came to me first & then I saw this picture in me….

  4. Visually, a treat for my eyes!! And so do heartfelt. I absolutely adore this piece!! Stay blessed my dear. ❤️🙏💫👌🤗🎁

  5. I just re-read this Navin being a little more clear headed. I can surely see how I missed things in my last interpretation. There was the clever A in your delivery which I mistook. Wow, such raw emotion in your poem and my heart certainly is holding yours as you read this. Sooooo much to process❣️
    Sending love and light for better days ahead💖

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely words, dear Gabriela….you’re always there with your support & love ✨❤️

    1. Thank you very much for liking my poem…somehow your comment ended up in the spam folder…I don’t understand why

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