Announcement – Lightning Rhymes is Out Now

It’s time!
Was the inner calling in the month of July
So I started working on my book mindfully, a pure delight
Grace guided me to follow this flowic dream of mine

I’m proud & honoured to present to you – Lightning Rhymes
It’s my poetry collection, a part of me & my life
Lightning has a deeper meaning than how it’s normally described
Self-realization, raw emotions & other experiences I share & rhyme

The publication date of this book is my conscious choice
Your blessings on me is purely the beautiful & starry shine
I hope you’ll read Lightning Rhymes & will truly enjoy
My gratitude to you to be with me all this time 🙏🤍✨

Lightning Rhymes Book Cover

Dear all,

I’m excited to share that my poetry collection is out now. A dream I had once, is now a reality.

Self-realization, experiences, raw emotions & some other dimensions is what I’m sharing with you through my poetic creations.

Lightning Rhymes is the title of my poetry collection. This name simply came to me & it felt right instantly. In September 2020, I had written a poem with the same title. But I never thought that one day it would be the name of my book. I strongly believe, there’s always a reason why things happen. The book cover designed by myself is purely intuitive.

I loved each & every moment of this journey – from working on the manuscript to designing the cover to registering the ISBN number to uploading the electronic files & to finally getting them approved. And now here I am, with my debut book. Believe me, it’s such a great feeling that I can’t express in words. I hope you’d enjoy my poetry collection. Much love 🙏🤍✨

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45 thoughts on “Announcement – Lightning Rhymes is Out Now

    1. No, it was waiting for my approval…it happens when a blogger writes for the very first time…thank you very much for your wishes, Michael ✨🙏💫

  1. Congratulations galore✨✨✨✨✨✨
    I enjoyed reading your process of it all, the divine guidance, the title, the cover design – that’s how exactly magical it is!!

  2. Wahooooo! The day is here. Congratulations Navin on such a wonderful personal achievement. I am delighted to hear you enjoyed the process of curating your book. Can’t wait to start reading it!

    1. Thank you so very much for your lovely words, Bree…I very much appreciate your lovely support all the way…it means a lot to me…just so you know! 💫

    1. Thank you so very much for your beautiful words…you’ve always been exceptionally supportive, kind & sweet to me, right from the very begining 🙏✨❤️💫

    1. Thank you so very much, dearest Jeff….I’m honoured that you’re buying my book…wow, it feels great…much love 🙏✨❤️💫

  3. Congratulations dear Navin. This is the day you were waiting for!!! Proud of you dear friend. I’ve ordered my copy and I will treasure this as a gift from you. 🥳Much love dear friend. 😍😍😍

    1. Thank you so very much, dear Preeths….true, the day I was waiting for…oh wow, you’ve already ordered your copy…I’m deeply touched & honoured…Much love to you 💫❤️✨

  4. I’m jumping leaps and bounds and up and down for you Navin! This is soooo exciting and I can hear the excitement in your voice. Can’t wait to read it! Love the cover as well!!! 💖💖💖👏👏👏
    Well done my friend. I’d like a signed copy tho.. lol.. too bad you weren’t closer. 💖

    1. You’re sweet & kind, dear Cindy…deeply touched by reading your wonderful words…oh wow, you’ve ordered my book 🙏…thank you so very much ✨❤️💫🤗….I wish there was a way to send you a signed copy….I’m honoured by the thought of this 🙏✨❤️🥰🙏

      1. Oh my of course and I’m so happy to hear that! Such a proud moment! It’s an honor and I wish so as well but will wait till you have your book signing-:). Enjoy every minute!

  5. Brilliant! So happy for you that the journey itself was enjoyable, and now you have a beautiful book!

    Well done my friend! Well done! 😊

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