A poem: BE Present

I’ve been told several times now
I don’t get why I don’t see you but myself
I don’t get how you feel
I don’t get what you’re going through
I don’t get what’s happening to you
I don’t get what I’m doing to you
I don’t get why you wanna run away
I don’t get why I don’t care about you
I don’t get you need space
In short, I don’t get the whys, the whats & the hows
Are the shots, you’ve been firing at me while I stand on my shaky ground

All I want is peace of mind for you & me
Where we talk to each other with no screaming
So listen to me clearly what I’ve in my heart all this time
Coz I’m about to tell you directly & there will be no lies
Look in my eyes & see that I see you
Look in my heart & feel that I love you
Look in my mind & read that I’m not doing anything intentionally to you
Look inside of me & search that I know what you’re going through
Look deep inside of yourself & explore that peace exists
Look deeper in your eyes & see that things aren’t impossible
Look at the light you are, than to focus on your shadow reflection
But first you must have faith & trust
Else every single moment would crush you just like that thin & sensitive crust

I do get it quite well, that back then you got a big shock
But bleeding & being admitted had been neither some pretty walk
Keep talking about the shock would haunt you like a ghost
I do give you time & space, but you’ve been fading away & being distant
Every single day is a struggle for you, coz you’re on mission-tension constant
Sometimes you’re too hard on yourself & I can’t comprehend that picture
It’s tough to handle days like those, when I can’t even hold a thin frame with a picture
I do admit, that I freak out sometimes & then you call me immature

The highs & lows will always come & go
But this life needs to have that feel free flow
Listen to B(ernie) & listen to E(ckhart)
They combinely make the profound word BE(ing)
Everything happens for a reason & that’s why it has happened
Accepting the situation & working from there will dissolve the loose ends
Life is on constant move just like galaxies you see
So why to get stuck in the moment that has been?
Let’s be present in the present
And live this life in this beautiful universe’s presence

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