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Some people like the taste of
Bittersweet chocolate and
Some give it just a try coz
The problem is that
Sweet taste disappears so fast & then
Bitter hits the tongue to
Give the sensation of darkness but
You feel like eating some
More bittersweet chocolate to
Get the sweetness back again before
The bitter hits you once more but
This time the difference is that
The bitterness lasts longer so
Either you’ll get addicted to the taste or
It would be hard to enjoy with the slow pace
I’m that bittersweet chocolate entering
In your deep space so
Slide me in and
Bite me into small pieces to
Get that raw taste or
Use your soft hands to
Break me into pieces to
Put me in your lukewarm bowl where
You stir me very gently where
We melt & freeze together slowly to
Make unknown shapes & forms but
If you can’t decide that
You would like the taste coz
It’s difficult for you to
Try something less sweet then
Simply wrap me back and
Hide me somewhere in your space coz
You aren’t ready to handle
The real & raw flavours of
Pure joy & sweet pain well
Perhaps another time but
You must always remember that
You are holding just a portion of this bar and
One thing about me will never change that
I’ll always remain the bittersweet chocolate with
A slightly edgy taste that
Depends on the chemistry between
You & me and
How I was actually made

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14 thoughts on “Bittersweetness

    1. How cool is that…you were eating dark chocolate at that time…thank you very much for your lovely words, Cindy 💫❤️✨

  1. Well Wow!! I seem to be lagging behind your prolific writing..This is so good, tease, you dance & prance, you remind me of a bittersweet black stallion, pawing to be ridden, but at the same time snorting and flicking his tail to might be a enjoyable but rough ride.. not everyone can ride a horse like this…not everyone can fall in love with you:) or even enter in the dance with you. I am smiling so broadly,knowing that as a friend you are incomparable, reciprocal and transparent.. as a piece of something bitter sweet, in other terms I think you would be formidable…but probably worth those who like to take the chance.
    You know what I really love about it? Your attitude is strong and sure and you very much know who you are and the dangers of getting too close. Me, from my safe secure distance, sees that everything you say, in playful verbs and metaphors is most likely 100% true… My best gf in my youth only rode stallions… They are an acquired bitter sweet chocolate… Not everyone is able to handle…either:)
    Love seeing you prance through this verse my dear friend:)❤️𐂅🍫🤗

    1. So here I am finally…it took me some time…you know why 😊…true, not everyone is able to handle the bittersweet taste…I love your analogy with a stallion…I like to believe that we all have that stallion instinct (attitude wise) to a certain level…some knows & some don’t but that’s another story…the more we connect with ourselves, the more we know & show our real & raw side…you made me smile when I read “Me, from my safe secure distance”…Coz it reminded me of the time when we had just started reading each other’s writings & reflecting on them…my gratitude to you for writing your wonderful & powerful words, dear Karima…I’m deeply touched, honoured & delighted…much love to you, my dear friend ✨❤️💫🙏🍫

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