Bleeding Numbers

Loosing my grip & feeling numb is quite a rubbery feeling in my flesh
Speeding in ambulance at the speed of light as I loose my stance
Noisy sirens chasing the streets as if I’m becoming so discreet in those lanes
Bleeding inside of brain is so draining and is pure insane

CT & MR show the big spots & some huge round clot in my scans
Paralysis in left arm, hand & left side of face, simply can’t comprehend
Not able to lift my arm & fingers is quite noticeable challenge
Epileptic cramps on the left side of face & arm as they are about to harm my brain

But I’m not about to loose without giving myself a chance to withstand
I’ll wrestle back my arm to let loose the heavens, the storm if I can
I must find my inner peace & my inner calm to fallback at this space
Family, friends, & job matter the most – that’s the ultimate strength
I’ll fight back to finally come back from the horrors of the graves
This is my promise, I won’t rest – it’s dawn of fire, my roar, it’s the scream from my den

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8 thoughts on “Bleeding Numbers

        1. Yes, I am…I feel blessed…but sometimes when I think of…from the time I got bleeding to ambulance to hospitals…the whole “journey”…it just simply freaks me out…that I could’ve left my family & could’ve turned into ashes….so I for sure am very lucky ❤️

          1. You’re family and you are blessed. Those situations truly are the reason to make every day count. This world needs more people like you and I’m glad you’re here to stay longer. ❤️

            1. Your words touched my heart instantly ❤️
              The same goes for you as well….I do sense you are in contact with your Being….the way you express yourself from your writings.
              Much love & gratitude ❤️

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