I Miss You – a Poem about Love

I’m longing like crazy.

I miss looking at your beautiful face
I miss looking deep in your big eyes

I miss kissing your soft lips
I miss feeling your curvy body

I miss you crazily
I’m loosing my senses

Tears in my eyes every night & morning
It’s tearing me apart, you see

I keep longing for you
I need you by my side

I’m screaming out your name
But no one to respond to it

My brain is heavier now
My heart is simply crying for you

There’s nothing I can do
You’re a thousand miles away from me

I love you so much
I simply can’t hide it anymore

I keep picturing you
I can’t even deny this anymore

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Beam Intensity

This is the poem about my younger kid, who’s having quite difficult time. Infantile autism is a disorder, which requires proper care, understanding, structure, knowledge & most importantly an open heart. It’s been quite tough but the whole family is learning quite a lot from this little zen master.

I can feel insanely when you beam intensity
One moment you are tranquil like that vast blue sea
And the next, I see you devastated in every single scene
Hitting & struggling to run away, when you can’t stop throwing a fit
You see, it’s the world, that seems to me a complete misfit
The world disappears instantly when I hold you in my arms & you can’t stop hitting me with your fist
I don’t mind when you scratch my surface, to make my skin burn & bleed
You are simply penetrating the layers, to make me realize & feel
The pain & imbalance when things aren’t the way you actually dreamed
I see you so clearly that I become one with your very being
It’s the heart connection, where I can only see your big eyes & your delicate screen
All I wish to give you is that space, where you don’t suffocate & scream
I’ll beat at your pace to relocate inside of you the peace
Even when you take me sometimes to this place, where it’s difficult for me to breathe
The biggest lesson that you’ve been teaching, is to find calmness in such sensitive scenes
I love you from the deepest, you are my blessing, you are the beautiful pure being

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© 2019 Navin’s Poetry. All rights reserved.