Complicating the Simplicity

When I sit on my hot seat to see the lively scenes on my fractured screen with absolutely no screams, everything seems seamlessly lovely & spotless from the safe distance of those crazy complexities

Just let me be & let me breathe and let me see, if you can really see through, when I project my transparency of the transparent me through the window, that transpires the red ink into the frame of moist & mixed feelings

You see, it’s not possible to understand a single word if the divinity of this world won’t be unfolded coz the understated unknown energies are being underrated & underestimated by the human nature, that’s simply busy in blowing the overrated & meaningless smoking swirls, generated by some useless extrapolation of quite simple assumptions, which in turn takes the mankind to the senseless & rusted junctions

So many different meanings of a pretty simple thing is just like demonizing the simplicity & degrading the cold feeling after the aftermath of burning flames, when it’s very much possible to sense the unseen but still, one keeps throwing the senseless theories without actually smelling the essence of pure simplicity & acknowledging the power of the unseen energies

It’s senseless if you try to make sense of every single word separately, but if you simply sense the flow of pure energy, you’ll see a whole deeper dimension of this crazy scribbling. So do you get now the complexity of simply complicating the simplicity of simply me?

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17 thoughts on “Complicating the Simplicity

  1. simply complicated to those who don’t speak the same language. Language was meant to be the barrier….little had some known that not all language is linear.

    Amazing river my flowic friend!

    1. Thanks dear Willow….so do you get it, how easy it is to complicate simple matters….Btw, your flow is simply immaculate

      1. Thank you berry much…I’ve been going slow…creeping…a year long, to be screamed at “you do not know,” and politely biding my time through patience & gaining my health back…..before pushing forward. I’ve never “taken sides” …..(unless my children)…..Now, for myself as well. I could not force them to treat this body & it’s horrific crash due to their medications…they could not nor myself cut the cord… ….I can only continue to walk the path.
        Much Love & much gratitude for the friendship.

  2. Again, a gorgeous piece. It’s wonderfully written and you are going back to your roots again.
    “It’s senseless if you try to make sense of every single word separately,”
    “if you simply sense the flow of pure energy” This is it. Let yourself be. The understated is actually more important.
    Navin, I love your writings. I’ve never been to India. It’s one of my unfulfilled dreams. I read plenty of Indian metaphysical thought of all trends; serious reading: scholars of religions, philosophers. We do have a lot of Indian work translated but it’s hard to make sense of it without the help of some people who study just that.
    Anyway your writing is so powerful. It takes over the reader. And I read you and I want this world to stop making noise and let me be. But see here is the trick. The world would not stop. It is I who have to take control of myself and the chaos will happen outside of me not inside me. That’s not easy.
    You are a terrific writer.

    1. Dear Gabriela, I’m simply speechless….I’ve read your words twice…with my wide open eyes…with my heart that’s simply melting…Thank you very much for such a generous comment…I was almost sure, people won’t get this poem…but you’ve not only just understood it…you’ve got the essence…Thank you for your sharing…I haven’t as such studied / read Indian metaphysical thought…I think it’s a part of me…my roots…though I’ve practiced meditation & I practice mindfulness…only after when I moved to Denmark…I simply love your “here is the trick” part…you’re absolutely right about it…”It is I who have to take control of myself and the chaos will happen outside of me not inside me.”…Every word of yours makes sense…Gratitude & much love

      1. “I think it’s a part of me…my roots.” Of course it is. You don’t need to study. You need to feel it. The Western way (for lack of a better word) of getting to knowledge has been for quite a while: experience and reason. Well, my dear friend, what is at the end of the day the Indian way (with respect to all differences of all kinds that exist in India)? Is knowledge by revelation (feeling that energy that you are talking about) . I strongly believe that. Or it was knowledge by revelation because from what I read the Indian society is getting highly westernized too, so…
        “though I’ve practiced meditation & I practice mindfulness…” I am so glad you are doing that. I am going to start doing it too. I need somebody to help me but in these times I may have to help myself.
        “Every word of yours makes sense…Gratitude & much love” Thank you. Thank you.
        Gratitude and love to you too.

        1. It sounds great that you would be start practicing meditation & mindfulness. It’s quite possible to find YouTube satsangs / meditation….Check The Form by Bernie Prior….it’s the meditation with movement….almost like a dance with deeper meaning….I simply connect with this form of meditation….One “just” need to connect with the type of meditation, which talks with the heart….without saying a single word….I’m sure you’ve heard of Eckhart Tolle….his talks / satsangs are simply amazing….his book The Power of Now….no words can describe it….Much love & gratitude, dear G

          1. “Check The Form by Bernie Prior….it’s the meditation with movement….almost like a dance with deeper meaning” Oh, I love this. Thank you so much.

            “I’m sure you’ve heard of Eckhart Tolle” No, I did not. Thank you for letting me know Navin. I’ll check him up.
            Take care. Love and a fabulous week ahead.

  3. I am naturally analytical at times with certain things…this takes me to a place of rest…to enjoy the essence of beautiful energy without needing to know it all…however, knowing me…I’d probably slowly migrate towards investigation…though, perhaps it’s more exploration…wanting to know every intricacy so that I know how better to do it justice..perhaps it doesn’t sound so bad when I put it that way (smile)

    1. Oh, it doesn’t sound bad at all….I do get that sometimes it’s necessary….I do it myself….but if we simply twudtv& complicate everything for some benefit, without sensing the deeper meaning….without recognizing that unknown energies do exist & they have greater meaning….we tend to decode everything, which can’t be either felt or seen from the naked eye of only our minds…heart & different senses…the soul play an important role to accept & see/sense…I don’t know if I’m making any sense…sometimes we n ed to use a different set of spects 😎🤓

  4. You make absolute sense Navin….it’s what I love about your spirit…it affects me, my senses are heightened with each word…you are like a cliffhanger where my heart hold onto each line, each moment, each heartbeat you affect me and it’s a magic that I do not want let go of…forgive me if this sounds, I don’t know..intimate, perhaps…anyway, like I’ve said before…I am so, so blessed to have come across you..

    1. It’s simply so beautiful….I’m deeply touched that my words have such an influence…..even though if it sounds intimate….it makes it even more connected to heart….it makes it only more beautiful….I had never thought that I could touch people when I felt for the very first time to write & share my poetry….and you my dear, is not an ordinary people….you’re one of a kind….you’re magical with your presence….

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