You know I can’t rap
But I want to make a wrap
And put it in a pinch of cRap
So it tastes different & kinda whack
Do you get what you’re about to snack?
No, I ain’t smoking no crack

I know this all sounds so bad
You’re thinking wtf I’m at
Isn’t your rap sound something like that?
Perhaps adding the glittery jewels would sort of help
But it’s all just in your head, if you think you look swell
Well, if you rap like that, you better jump in the deep well

Then you talk about the big wheels, you’ve been buying
Man, if that’s the level you’re selling, then I think I’ll soon be crying
Now let me tell you a fact, your rhythm is slowly dying
Oh, and before I wash away your cRap with my big hose
Let me remind you about the hoes in your videos
Dressed up in hardly no clothes
Dancing on your silly & auto-tuned tones
Oozing in the bubbly foam like some sassy clowns
I think it’s the froth from your mumbling mouth
Perhaps you should forever go underground
I’m just sitting on my couch & thinking about
Where’s the depth & why the hell am I listening to your sound?
I hear no bars & there aren’t no signs of lion claws
You are simply mumbling some lines & that too are full of silly flaws

You see, I don’t need to pause your slow & shallow track
Rewind & then playback, to understand what you just said
There aren’t no beats & there’s auto-repeat
You’re just beating your own track to a slow death
It is for sleeping heads
And you, for sure are brain dead
Where’s the depth & where’s its edge?
If you were to write your own track & rap
You might pee before you can even open the flap

But then on Friday I listened to this new delight
That’s some barKing dogs & was truly the homie sight
Those two did rap with the speed of light
You know they just killed your track like those buzzing flies
It’s time to send bye-bye & goodbyes to all you guys
Coz now I’m gonna sit back & enjoy the real hiphop with some coke & french fries

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6 thoughts on “cRap

  1. Life in the slow lane………it’s to numb the minds so the one’s doing the real heinous crimes have no chance of getting caught, in fact…just, continue to grow fat….how’bout’dat? There is a dunce cap to point at….be cool or be a tool…..hahahaha

      1. sometimes it feels like the bible is so much of the future…..written before it’s time. I’m sincerely, not talking a specific religion but many of the stories I recall through the ages & how the meanings [also, now by man] keep on changing as does perception of the words themselves [or the lack of]. It’s the evolving of the mind & in combination with the facts that are to find. Ignorance is bliss because it’s cheap & quick….really sabotaged humankind by milking his lustful demands for NOW…and all the quick fixes in this nation i reside. Thank you for walking along side. Very limited and far behind but I still smell the perfume of my own sign……You had penned, love can’t be felt….no it can only be given and blessed if it’s of the same caliper you possess……i digress [hugs] Thank you for your patience…i’ve enjoyed reading more of your thoughts to ink….beautiful flow you bring.

        1. Wow….I’m humbled to read your comment…it’s just not a comment but a connect(ion)….as I simply love reading your thoughts….that you jot….I know well….it’s just not the thoughts….it’s you….that you show through your words….poems…the flow….you are the living rhyme…that shines….in these time….you are the shrine….residing in your divine…..Much love & gratitude

          1. Yes, i have found a home….I just didn’t close my eyes to see until much later in this reality. There isn’t anything else to let go but so much as you know…… this is all I know….the only one who hasn’t hurt me or led me astray into painful desperate ways.

            I know this might read a bit arrogant…..and that i’m trying to hone. I hadn’t realized the energy I would emit when I’d walk into a room or anywhere ….people would turn their heads and stare. I felt an oddity and why do they find me so rare? I look in the same glass as the rest but I do not see what they profess. Marked as an outsider who’s never fit in….because I couldn’t bow down to their plastic whims.

            A path marred by skid marks from others & self loathing for another. I have been medicated for a very long while. Through those years I took on a quest to heal this being as I tried raising my two w/MEANING…..I didn’t want to be on medication but I was truly a danger to exist and those who kept benefiting from it. This ‘society’ views me as a misfit…one who just can’t commit but be committed…… pushed past her brink of limits. To a point, it is true…the life i’ve lived…an angel I wouldn’t proclaim. There are hearts, I’m sure to have stained….mostly by their vision & not under this name. It’s been an experience and one I hope to carry on as my strength builds back into these bones strong. Thank you for the freedom to really connect…..many thank yous ahead [grinning]….

  2. I can read & sense….you’ve gone through very tough times….you’ve gone through a crazy process….you’ve worked with YOU….you’ve burnt in fire….you’ve bled on thorns….But this all has made you a strong person….The Being that you simply are….Just like we say a piece of coal has to go through a lot to become a diamond….I feel….I’m blessed to meet & connect with your being….You must write a book about you….the journey you’ve gone through….to be the diamond (not in a materialistic way) you are….Hugs

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