Darkness is light

Darkness – the intense light

It’s sad to see such darkness (when I express)

I’ve been very very blessed (all my life)

Let’s be transparent then, I’ve nothing to hide
You see, darkness ain’t just black if you see it right
It’s truly divine & that deeper sight
It’s that blessing on me, which makes me stand upright
From there I see the things, that aren’t just shallow & white
The shadows & reflections have their beauty, right?
Even mother earth embrace the darker side
The sun sets in the west, to welcome the dreamy & darker night
The beauty of stars & moon, courtesy the darker skies
The lightning hit the ground when the skies roar & cry
That tree still stands strong with its deeper roots
In fact darkness ain’t about being brute & rude
Though it can be that crude, which would burn the troops in a poof
Darkness is just another shade of the inner light
Would you lit the light if things were always bright?
Be that thing, that gives life & breathes inside
Darkness is that intense light, that’s living inside

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2 thoughts on “Darkness – the intense light

    1. I’m not. The first 2 lines, which I’ve copied, isn’t me saying…I had been told once..So I started my poem with those lines as reference….
      “It’s sad to see such darkness (when I express)
      I’ve been very very blessed (all my life)”

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