Fading bonds

It’s time to unfold the untold story
Everything appears so green from your storey
If you dare come down from the cloud fake glory
You would see the red drops cover ground gory

Now get ready to smell some indecent scent I prepared
It would shake you to show the things you did back then
You were that big bro who weren’t really ever present
All you cared was percent & some extra cents
Did you ever care of the li’l one that love (God) sent?
It didn’t matter how far & how you lived back then
If you could simply unfold your arm & extend
But you would never feel her sorrow & the pain she felt
So here I stand & spread the ink to paint this picture
Sensing it’ll one day make a deep & permanent imprint in you

You & I belong to the same old family
But could you first explain this term we call family?
Where the bills mattered more than the family bonds 
You didn’t even hesitate taking your siblings’ funds
As if your own big plate wasn’t full enough 
All you cared was to stuff the greens under the rug
I can still see that picture where you played that thug
“Feed the greed” was indeed what you did
But no complaint ever, her lips were always sealed
And then you say blood relations matter the most, huh?

You see, family is simply a useless tag
If you demote the love & emote, then what is left? 
But one day you would realize, you did make some bad choices
When karma would hit you & won’t make no noise
“What you sow is what you reap” can’t be denied
You still have some time to make it right 
But oh no, it’s too late coz your li’l sis ain’t alive

And before I go, hear this one last thing
If you did not live & if you did not mean
Then why the stories & why you pretend?
Live from your heart & love from there
This is the beginning of the very end

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4 thoughts on “Fading bonds

  1. This is just more evidence of how and why I feel connected to you…this spoke to me in a somewhat similar, personal way with my family…thank you, again, for you…you truly do speak to me…we simply had to have met in another life…I feel as if I know you…

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words….your support & the way you uplift my spirit….we’re the mirrors….the feeling is mutual

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