Fly Freely

It’s like knowing the perfect recipe to heal
But I keep struggling to cook it to perfection, is what I truly feel
It’s just not the same story on auto-repeat
Snapping from time to time on my loving family
When I loose my patience & forget how to evenly breathe
Everything explodes in that moment into pieces with just a simple breeze
The photo collage on my real & tainted screen
Keep changing constantly from the shallow to the deep
As if I’m digging my own grave on my ground to hide in eternity
It’s driving me to the drive-in of pure insanity
Making me to cry, roar & then scream crazily

The love from my caring friends & loving family
The knitted meetings with the neuro psychologist weekly
Those amazing physio & ergo therapies from professional therapists
The great understanding & patience from my work colleagues
This compelling effect is pulling me out of my hell & anxiety
Building the mental & physical strength to supersede the weaker me
It’s setting “the uptight me” to the flames firely
Let me be & let me breathe before I dive from the top to fly freely
Is the mantra that I need to say to my-I quite frequently
This is how I live this life these days from the heart that’s beating the beads
I’m simply learning to heal the daunting dots inside & on top of me

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42 thoughts on “Fly Freely

    1. That’s very much true…Blue…Got inspired by your cloud pic…so I took this one a few days back, while I was sitting outside in my garden…taking a breath…plus I love clouds…the shapes, the forms & the stories they tell…💙

  1. Epic, Navin. An epic “confession.” The imagery is unbelievable. Metaphors speak.

    “It’s like knowing the perfect recipe to heal
    But I keep struggling to cook it to perfection”

    From there everything unfolds.. an universe of feeling.. and the reader follows you into the corners of your soul.
    You are a great talent. I am in love with your poems.

    1. The words “thank you very much” aren’t deep enough to express how I feel…but I wish to add, I wish to reveal…it means a lot what you think of my poetry…I feel emotional & quite happy….so gratitude all the way, whole heartedly 🙏 ❤️

        1. I’m humbled…believe me. Your power is immense…have you read your poetry? Sounds silly, right? By that, I’m simply describing how powerful your poems are…the emotions, the imagery, the depths, the heart, the soul, the passion….even the photos are crazy amazing….I’m not just writing all this to give you a compliment on a compliment from you….this is what I feel when I read your poetry

          1. You really humble me Navin. I feel. I write. If I read read again what I wrote the impact of my own writings on me is pretty mild. Yet the impact on me of your writings and that of other writers who I admire is really strong. That’s the way I am. That’s me. Or at least a part of me 🙂

            1. It’s like the diamond doesn’t know its worth & beauty…not being materialistic though…I’m sure, you know exactly what I’m saying….G

            1. Thank you, dear Keza…you must know…So are you…a fine poet / writer….your poems have variety with great depths…how’s it going with your articles?

                1. That’s a good way….to draft on paper first👍….I would be glad to read when your article is published…am simply curios 😊

                    1. Cool…I’ve now listened to Fefe’s songs…I can see why you’ve picked those songs 🖤

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