Freestyle Roar

My sky is shifty & I’m about to freestyle on my floating cloud
Inhale this air & exhale my lungs out
Shatter windows to break open my crazy house
Stand on my reckless ground, than to be a part of the senseless crowd
I’m wearing the dark shades & ready to slit anything with my sword

I’m loosing my balance & my head is twisting spirals
The blood vessels in my brain is about to explode the red coloured diamonds
The demon in me is monstrous & spitting fire
I’m about to hit everything with my ice cold desire
Hide yourself instantly to avoid the consequences dire

This thick red flowing in my body is dark & savage
Don’t come near me if you can’t handle my burning rage
You better engage your senses, to avoid your name engraved
I feel stuck inside my wounded brain as if I’m doomed & caged
Everything seems shattered from here, not everything can’t be salvaged

You see, my skin ain’t so thick, so I won’t take it with ease
Just don’t try to pinch my surface, I’ll then play you like a twig
Stop clicking my clicks, if you don’t wish me to come after you with my fits
Stop throwing those bricks coz I’ll then break every single one into tiny pieces
It seems as if I’m feeling sick & crazy, but I’m simply trying to look for the inner peace

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25 thoughts on “Freestyle Roar

      1. I hope you see/feel the power behind that word alone…needing nothing more like the strength of this explosive emotive flow of yours….

  1. Deep breath man… Inhale freshness and exhale ‘the dirt’.
    Don’t forget to breathe! That rage, for your health ain’t good… for yourself and others around you.
    Trust me! I’m talking from experience.
    Once I cooled off, that’s when I got better.

    1. Thanks for your advice SaL. I’m trying more & more to express how I feel & vent out through my poems….when I’m in that situation…rather than directly on people around me…This way I cool off before I hit my trigger.

      1. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, to your words and to your world around you… It goes a long way…
        Take care…

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