Two men were talking outside
They weren’t agreeing on something, it’s obvious
It then turned into an open & heated quarrel
This picture changed its course right away
One of the men lost it coz he was unwired
His uneasy mind suddenly began to short circuit
The feeling to kill other guy, to make him forever quiet
He took his gun out & pointed it at this guy’s body

Pap Pap
Painful cry
And then
Pure silence
Gunshots were fired
Blood all over the place & now that man was quietly lying
He got shot on the street in broad daylight

Hang on with me to see another scene, I’m not just rhyming
A young kid got his eye on this piece of iron
His eyes were fixed on his automatic rifle
He’s not happy, so he was simply smiling
Deep down he’s actually something planning
He was visualizing the scene in his twisted mind
He looked at the firearms last time & he switched off the light
Next day was the very day he was gonna use the deadly toys
He checked everything meticulously in the morning
He drove to this school in his car filled with firearms
His eyes were dead, he was filled with pure violence
He got off the car loaded with bullets & rifle
He was walking in the hallway like the storm so soundless

Was the sound echoing in the sky
Several kids were wounded in the school this time
Some of them were already dead & some were slowly dying
The horrific bloody scene was so alive
They were hiding & crying
At some point 911 was dialled
They said cops were on their way, they were soon arriving
The skies were then roaring with so many sirens
Police & ambulances were coordinating & tactically lining
The killer was still spraying bullets like water droplets
Maximum destruction in his head, he kept firing
Innocent kids covered in blood, they kept dying

Such horrendous incidents every other day has become so common
Pap Pap, Rat-Tat-Tat, Bang-Bang are the sounds so common
Killings due to disagreements, racism, mental instability & more are so common
Gun violence in the name of self protection is so common
This abnormal behaviour has become so bloody common
Every other person owns the gun is so very common
Government condenm such incidents & then move on is so very common
Empty talks but no action is the scene so very common

The superpower on the surface of this world but truly powerless at the bottom
Not providing a decent life to the citizens ain’t no superpower
Trillions of dollars on warfare but poor for own people is the problem
Not looking at the root cause to see why this all is happening is the problem
Walking blindly on the river of blood & tears is the huge problem
Accepting this so very common phenomenon is the very problem
40 k per year on an average dying alone in USA due to crazy gun violence
When is it ever gonna end, why are people so helpless & blinded?
Open your eyes to bring that change, you’ve got the power

Every single life matters!

There are n number of different scenarios…I’m highlighting only 2 of them…this poem is purely my view…there’s no political agenda…all I’m saying is that this gun violence needs to end…love is all we are & we have…

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12 thoughts on “Gunshots

    1. Thank you very much, dear Cindy…I’m glad that you liked my poetry with this sad truth…I’ve written such storytelling kinda poem before…I jotted down this one the way I was seeing the scenes in my head 🙏💫💟✨

  1. Oh Navin you tapped into your voice of raw indignant reason, your eyes on fire with what they are seeing and you put it all together in these powerful scenes described poetically, but crudely real.. Your truth held high for all to see..Your truth is TRUE. WOW!! You swept me away on your raging river of description..your righteous indignation for the victims and the innocence but you went even further, and pointed your finger at the causes and the guilty clauses, that keep this happening in the USA week after week. Bravo my friend… just BRAVO!!!!!

    1. Oh wow, such heartfelt sharing…for seeing the scene through my lines…for your lovely support…very much appreciated…it was a freestyle kinda writing…I was literally seeing these scenes in my mind…all I had to do was to pen them down…words were flowing through me…thank you very much for your reflection, dear Karima 🙏✨💟💫

      1. My pleasure to read you. This poem stands out and shows your ability to step into these scenes and take us all with you. It was amazing reading this..You are very talented Navin.. your words reach inside of the reader and no one can remain indifferent. ❤️

        1. That’s so kind of you…I’m honoured that these words are coming from you, who herself is a powerhouse of creativity & humanity ❤️

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