Healing my Hell

Sick, sick, sick
I’m feeling crazy in my head from time to time
Sink, sink, sink
The mind is simply becoming mental to hit the lower mantle
Stiff, stiff, stiff
Is my face & the arm on the left side
Sit, sit, sit
When I sweat & loose the balance while my vision get blurry

Tick, tick, tick
Is the subtle ticking sound of my wounded brain
Sip, sip, sip
All I wish is to drink & dance away my anxiety
Stuck, stuck, stuck
But this crazy epi-lapse-see makes me to cry & scream
Snap, snap, snap
I’m ready to explode & eat everyone alive with my rage

Beast, beast, beast
The second I start swearing & tossing things in air
Beat, beat, beat
The heart is racing with the speed of light
Heavy, heavy, heavy
Is my head when I feel the piercing thorns in my mind
Heat, heat, heat
My blood is burning lava on my swirling street

Lift, lift, lift
I keep falling down & rising up to face my reality
Deal, deal, deal
I keep hitting my brakes to handle the things very slowly
Breathe, breathe, breathe
I close my mind to see the sea of mindful thinking
Heal, heal, heal
Is the only way to live my life away from my hell

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30 thoughts on “Healing my Hell”

  1. I’m sorry this is actually your reality. Pain creates the most evocative art, and your words prove that. Healing vibes for you, you are well on your way though it feels like standstill at times. I’m in no way minimizing your experience just trying to give you encouragement and truth. Take care Navin.

  2. Jeez, this bites a lot! I’m sorry to hear you going through this awful struggle. Hope you’re doing okay now.

    I love how you managed to pen this down, with some rhythm added to it. I imagined this as a catchy rock song. Keep it up! 👏🏼👏🏼

    1. Thank you very much Silver Stone..I’m doing ok…the highs & the lows are the waves I ride…I wrote this poem as a song (kinda)…I’m glad you imagined it that way.

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