My mind is exploding once again
Snapping like mental with blocked brain
Can’t feel the feelings of others when they try to share
All I want is the things to be done in my own way

I’m loosing my patience, just see my blood vein
Spitting only venom, just like Cerastes cerastes
If you come close to me, I’ll turn you into corpse case
Is the thought arising this moment, I’m feeling quite insane

I really need to grasp, this world doesn’t rotates around me
I must think of the loved ones & stop shouting, they got scared of me
My behaviour was unforgiving, it was quite shocking
I was so much burning in my flames, that I didn’t even apologize to them

Howcome I’m so blinded when I’m red & raged?
Why do I get so obsessed with perfect shapes in this deformed phase?
Howcome I yelled at my loved ones & showed zero respect?
Is my condition severely hammered than just my haemorrhage?

I made myself enemy of my loved ones & now I’m disturbed & suffocated
I’m stoned & glaring at this dark screen as if I’m dead in the present scene
The sadness has started covering my conscious with the dark shade
My heat will one day burn everything to ashes if I won’t heal me

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9 thoughts on “Heat

  1. On fire raging inside is burning the old to release the new growth to take it’s place. You have reminded me of the light and how the rage of change morphs the strongest of characters…Bitter bites the blessings and like a vampire tries to suck the riches of our reality. Accept nothing less than love and care for yourself & those you love my flowic friend. Physical hell was a whole new challenge for me to take on….Dare I say you’ve had a very big exam before you (health) ….never scold yourself during such a trying time my frirend…. but acknowledge to not do again….much love to you & any & all reserve to help you through (hugs)

    1. Thanks for your wise & kind words. I felt like “scolding” myself to remind me not to do it again…coz I did give the loved ones pain ….plus they got scared of me. I know this Snapping is the side effect of my fatigue (mental/physical) after the bleeding…but it’s also a pattern, which I need to dissolve for good. True…I need to focus on the light….Much love ❤️

      1. I am finding the core as confusion…….fatigue is like body confusion…it’s not use to a lower level of functioning…a lot of adjusting for all. I am blessed to know that you see your err and openly disclose to change what had been exposed…too many hide their crimes…Much healing my flowic!

        1. Thx a lot dear Willow. I don’t believe in hiding….instead revealing makes the healing process faster. Much love Willow ❤️

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