Heavy Eclipse

Things are getting kinda heavy in the now
I feel, I’m drowning deep underground
Want to disappear before I turn into a blood thirsty hound
To catch my breath without that heavy sound
And to find the inner peace & my deeper ground

My world seems plain & a bit insane these days 
Perhaps it’s my eyes covered in the shadow haze
My favorite colour blue is turning into this gloomy shade
Burning all my energy but still can’t keep up the pace
My heart is beating heavy drums while I walk in a daze
I want to believe it’s all unreal & it’s just a phase

You see, the small green is eclipsing the infinite pink
The thoughts are on the brink of the insanity & suffering 
The mind draws me to this dungeon, where demon is the king 
And words are written on its  rough surface with my dark red ink
The pain body appears so fresh even though its condition isn’t mint

May be I’m simply just dreaming 
Or may be this has a deeper meaning 
Where I find myself wandering the unending scene
Where the Gods too have the darker side or so it seems
And the Demons on the other hand, aren’t all that mean
They face each other & separated by this radiant seam

It’s burning everything into nothing
This place where I’ve reached has No-things
The deeper calling with no screaming
Where the screen in my head stops blinking
The song of my life that I’ve been singing
It brings me back to the surface & stops me from sinking
The eclipse disappears to reveal the heart that’s beating
It’s the moment where the heavy melts down to the very being

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