I Scribble

When I pick up my pencil
To prick on my surface
Then I bleed real lyrics
That I scribble on the ocean

The ripples I then make
When I hit the epicenter
Is not to trick the senses
But to share my inner vision

The reflection of my face
That bounces on wavy water
Shows me a clear picture
Of the deeper connection

The flare of my phases
Isn’t just burst of emotions
It’s the zen of those learnings
That lits my life with passion

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15 thoughts on “I Scribble

  1. I love how well you know yourself , Navin, how clearly you see your face in your own poetic waters. You poetry is so unique in this way, you find the words to help us see you too..You take us by the hand to your very last verse.. and say. “Here I am” A man who has learned so much in his lifetime and who is sparked by his passion for life…Always” Beautiful your “scribblings” and I love your recording of the waves…but I would have loved to hear your voice recite your lines along with the waves ❤️

    1. I’m delighted & honoured to read your wonderful words…I’m simply smiling right now…it’s so lovely to see that you can see me…I didn’t record my own voice coz somehow I could hear & see myself in those waves…so I went with that flow…thank you so very much for your heartfelt words & for always being there for me, dear Karima ❤️✨🤗

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