Lightning Rhymes Review by Karima Alma

I’m deeply touched, delighted & honoured by reading this wonderful review by Karima, of Digital Rabbit Hole of my debut book – Lightning Rhymes…My utmost gratitude to Karima for reading my book & writing this amazing review on Amazon…I’m sharing it with you all…it’s my way of sharing the joy…You can also find Karima on YouTube

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Here’s the full review:

“Navin reveals himself to the reader, through at times, visceral, sensual, and enlightened verse. He’s a romantic, a self aware demon, a passionate poet, who lives his lines and takes you along with him. His rhyme scheme, rhythms and content, captivate the reader from the start.
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of his table of contents..The almost school-boy romantic in love with eyes, curves and depth..and then the man who struggles, against insomnia and his own nightmares that live inside…even in bright daylight.
The book is fascinating on all these levels and it’s honest, almost innocent at times and raw.

In Navin’s own words:
“My poetry is the flow in me & it’s
the soul I simply set free”

His flow is a raging river with quiet pools and always clear depths.
I recommend ” Lightning Rhymes” to anyone who gets excited about poetry. I promise you, this book will do that to you… and it will make you ponder.”

I’m truly grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry..I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

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20 thoughts on “Lightning Rhymes Review by Karima Alma

  1. What a stunning review, my dearest Navin. You deserve every word our dearest friend Karima wrote about your book. It’s gorgeous, as is all of your poetry. 🌺❤️💫✨🥰

    1. Thank you very much for your kind & lovely words…thank you very much for your amazing support, dearest Jeff…I’m honoured 🙏✨❤️💫🥰

    1. I’m echoing with you…it truly is a fabulous review by Karima…thank you very much for your lovely words, Cindy ✨❤️💫🙏

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