Lightning Rhymes Review by Rimpledeep Kaur

Today I’m sharing this wonderful & heartfelt review of Lightning Rhymes by Rimpledeep Kaur @rimple.deep from Instagram world…Rimple is an amazing poet…her writings are beautiful, spiritual & they make one look deeper into oneself…she has also published her very first poetry collection, The Universe In You.

Rimple’s beautiful words have my heart…my utmost gratitude to you, Rimple…not only am I honoured but also I’m deeply touched 🙏✨💟💫

I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry…you guys have always blessed me with your amazing comments / reflections…

I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my rhymes…it’s available in both paperback & eBook editions…

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6 thoughts on “Lightning Rhymes Review by Rimpledeep Kaur

  1. Congratulations my friend on yet another incredible review. Anyone who buys and reads your book will be mesmerized, like Rimpledeep Kaur was, who left you this fantastic review. To read you…is to love you!! It happened to me:) Your talent, your voice and style and what you have to say (as well as how you say it) just knocked me over when I picked up your Lightning Rhymes the first time and was totally blown away:)

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