Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

It’s amazing to hold my book in my hands…I then downloaded the digital edition on my phone…just to see how it looks like & how it feels…a feeling that’s almost impossible to express but can only be felt…I was like, “how great is that, my book is right here…it’s real, I’m not dreaming anymore”…I’m sharing a few photos with you 🖤✨🤍

To order my debut book, please click on the “” link…My gratitude 🙏❤️💫

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33 thoughts on “Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

  1. It looks absolutely amazing, well done, Navin, on your great accomplishment! It must be so wonderful to view them both in hard and digital copy, and to bask in the emotions of your achievement. So happy for you. 🙂 <3

  2. Navin – I know we don’t know one another too well (yet), but I’m proud of you – this is amazing, and it’s something I also aspire to eventually.


    1. David, did you know it’s not even important to know a person coz energies flow freely…I’m honoured to read your kind words…thank you so very much ✨🙏💫❤️

    1. I’m sure, one day you’ll feel that magical feeling by yourself as well…the day you decide to publish your own book…thank you very much for your lovely wishes ✨🌟💫

  3. Nothing beats the feeling of holding your own book in hand and feel all the emotions you poured into it. Congratulations Navin…your book is marvellous!

    1. I’m honoured…truly blessed that you’ve ordered my book…thank you very much for your lovely words, dearest Jeff 🙏✨❤️💫

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