A Poem: Longing

Picturing you laying by my side
While we hold each other so tight
The smell of your hair & skin
Draws me even closer to you with a blink
The tender touch on your pretty face
Makes you smile with that haiz
The deep ocean in your beautiful eyes
The sacred connection of our beating hearts
The souls are doing most of the talk
But I know your voice is sweet & warm
The bodies start burning immensely hot
When I press my lips against the soft lips of yours
The sensual feeling to move & dance
When you put me into the loving trance
The way you breathe in that very moment
Truly spiritual at a deeper level
You lay your head gently on my chest
And we drift away in the mysterious mist
The universe stands still in total awe
When our bodies melt together into one
You are so close to me in sense perception
And yet so far away from a different dimension
The longing to be with you is just not some crazy dream
If I cut open my chest, you’ll see how I bleed without a scream
You’re a blessing with a formless form
That I cherish from dusk til dawn

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    1. Check out my latest post SaL. I’ve nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award (2). I love your unique way if writing. You deserve to be nominated.

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