Loosing It

I can feel I’m about to loose it
I’m still shaking inside but I’m about to shake everything
The emotion in me I’m gonna screw it
I’m about to change from missing it to mess it
Don’t come near me covered in gasoline, I’m gonna burn it
I’m a ticking bomb, so I might fuse it

I can’t take it anymore, it’s so abusing
I feel so mental, it shouldn’t have ended like this
I don’t get a lot of things, it still amuses me
One thing is for sure, I’m lost coz it’s still so confusing
I got hit below the belt & I don’t deserve this
I’m totally at different level now, so don’t try to play with me

I never said or meant those things, coz it never came out of my mouth
It was only about this virus but it seems I’m that virus spreading in your body
It’s too late now, just don’t try to figure me out
Coz it’s me this time, who’s letting myself out
I’m already gone, I know I won’t be missed at all

The thoughts are speeding in my head with the bleeding images
I’m in the mood to do maximum damage
The ignition is on & I’m on the rampage
I’m moving on this crazy path of total & sickening rage
I’ll crush everything, which stands in my way
So start moving away from my track before it’s too late
I’m talking in my head with my own brain, it’s so deranged

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11 thoughts on “Loosing It

  1. I apologize for your strain of bleeding on the brain and talking to your organs as if they carried their own names. They do…don’t they? I had to become aware of their own as is the beginning to the duality to which we’ve always lived…..They poisoned mine. Mine tried w/all their might to show me the light and get out of their harmful deeds to help me heal what they had done to the inner she…….too reluctantly did i trust in me/we….embrace that anger that seeths in place….accept it for what is at stake is your life for goodness sake….you are working it the best of which way…keep strong my flowic but don’t let it destroy you in it’s wake…much love..

    1. When I talk with myself…I call it talking to my brain…as it’s full of thoughts…especially when it’s first confused, then in shock, then the sadness hits and then the rage kicks in…angry on the whole situation…so I need to vent it out to calm my nerves down. I’m sure, you know what I’m talking about. Thx for your words, full of kindness & wisdom…I just had a very bad day today…so I’m very affected…but I’ll take care of myself…that’s the only option I have…much love

        1. So that’s my S.P.A. treatment…still undergoing through it…but soon I must wash away the extra salt to feel the effect ….Else it’s only gonna burn me…the wounds.

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