Love, love, love

I’ve taken these pictures breathtaking
How peacefully they all are sleeping
Love, love, love in me is echoing
Enjoy this moment that I’m sharing

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41 thoughts on “Love, love, love

  1. Awww Navin, the love in these pictures is so very palpable! Thank you for sharing with us, brings big smiles to my face!! You have such a sweet animal family 🤗🖤

    1. I was sitting in awe when I noticed them sleeping so peacefully & in pure love….it’s my pleasure sharing these pictures, Ace 🤗🖤💫🤍✨

  2. Wowww!! Navin, such a beautiful and pretty picture..! Such a sweet pic..! I love this too..! Very beautiful..! Always enjoy what you share..! Have a beautiful weekend my friend..!😊😊✨

    1. It truly is a beautiful picture…coz of these beautiful souls…thank you for your wishes, Filarance…have a peaceful & wonderful Sunday 💫❤️✨

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    1. Thank you very much for reaching out to me…I would love to but I’m not sure if I have enough time to actively participate…is it possible to try for a week to get the feel & see if can and if not, then leave the grp anytime if I can’t?💫🙏✨

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