I don’t normally participate in prompts…but when @thoughtconnection on Instagram tagged me on 1st April…with the prompt “what is love?”…then I felt like saying what love is…this is how I see it…

Love is ageless
Love is colorless
Love is soundless
Love is effortless
Love is formless
Love is typeless
Love is timeless
Love is mindless
Love is vastness
Love is natural
Love is nature
Love is universe
Love is exceptional
Love is unconditional
LOVE simply IS

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27 thoughts on “Love

  1. LOVE is all That and Nothing we make it to be. It is what contains all that we hold, expect, feel, imagine it to be.

    So good to read from you my riend, I was taken away from this space and I keep thinking I want to write about your book as I promised. Spirit will guide it, I trust.

    1. Beautifully said, my dear friend…thank you very much for reflecting on my poem…

      Just know that I feel blessed & honoured that you’re reading my book…and you want to write about it…Spirit will indeed guide you…just like it has always been ✨

    1. I’m delighted to read that you liked this poem…about how I see Love…thank you very much, dear friend ✨❤️💫

  2. I love it and love is….
    this post
    your words
    your heart
    the world.

    Well done Navin. I love it and you did a wonderful job. Just is!!!1

    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful words, dear Cindy…love is you…your heart…your words…this world…the Universe 💫❤️✨🙏

  3. I’m so glad you decided to participate in that prompt dear Navin, as you bring to this favorite subject of mine too (but of course!) your unique touch and perspective. Your last line that “Love simply IS” is a deep dive into the profundity of Love..What it means in our lives..What it means in the world…Love Is…. it rebels against analysis and criticism.. It goes beyond all the definitions you used, although each one you wrote, surely does describe love…just in the end is so beyond all words and definitions as you reminded us in your last line… It simply IS… Bautiful profound and so you, Navin!❤️🤗🌹🙏

  4. I’m delighted to read that you connected with my poem & shared your beautiful view…thank you very much for your wonderful words, dear Karima…it’s my way of showing what love is…through the scenery of those lines…the essence of each & every line is in the last line…my gratitude to you, Karima 💫❤️✨🙏

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