Oh dear rejection

I am truly going through a phase, where I feel rejected. This poem is about how I interpret that rejection in different forms. I am feeling weak & am in great pain, which is quite close to anxiety. I am trying to accept my situation & trying to look at it differently. Rejection has become my heart opener, if I look deeper.

Oh dear rejection

Oh dear rejection

Who are you?

Are you a feeling or an emotion?

Do you have a purpose?

Or some worthy reason?

Are you my weakness?

Or truly my strength?

Are you a teacher?

Or may be a preacher?

Do you even exist?

Are you an illusion?

Everything happens

Happens for a reason

So many questions

Oh dear rejection

Are you my creation?

YOU are my creation

You are the pain

Hiding for so long

YOU are the one

the painful Heart-opener

Oh dear rejection

Oh dear rejection

I know YOU well

YOU are the love

Dressed in another form

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