Oh dear rejection

Oh dear rejection

Oh dear rejection

Who are you?

Are you a feeling or an emotion?

Do you have a purpose?

Or some worthy reason?

Are you my weakness?

Or truly my strength?

Are you a teacher?

Or may be a preacher?

Do you even exist?

Are you an illusion?

Everything happens

Happens for a reason

So many questions

Oh dear rejection

Are you my creation?

YOU are my creation

You are the pain

Hiding for so long

YOU are the one

the painful Heart-opener

Oh dear rejection

Oh dear rejection

I know YOU well

YOU are the love

Dressed in another form

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2 thoughts on “Oh dear rejection

  1. I think it is everything…all the above while simultaneously nothing at all…it’s what we feel and sometimes it’s real and sometimes it simply feels real, don’t know if that makes sense but it makes sense in my heart..lol

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