Patterns & Forms

Thoughts are hovering over me & words are difficult to express this 
It’s about the inner struggle, so don’t look at the outer appearances
I’m witnessing turbulence in the windpipe of my crazy experiences
Spearfishing in deep ocean to catch the fishy reflection covered with mist 

Spear in my body from a distance seems like a bloody cool piercing
The peers are now facing the fierce battle & everything is burning in the wild ring
Change is what I’m these days observing & it’s just not some crazy thing
Change isn’t that easy if you’re afraid of sharp chain of pain & suffering

Old patterns struggle as they’ve started loosing their insane control
They try hard to disturb the peace of mind as they intensely scold & troll
They fire cold forms at me to push me back into the deeper hole
It’s a battle between the old & the new and I’m about to explode to explore

It’s not a dream….surely 
Surely, I’m sweating inside out
I’m in fear….purely
Purely, I’m sensing the vibrations so loud
Change is creeping in me….slowly
Slowly, it’s striking from cloud to ground
Seeing it now in me….closely
Closely, I’m engaging with my new form

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