A Dot of Hope

I’m just a dot if you zoom out to see the spot on this beautiful & lively zone

That’s all you want if you wish to lock when you hold the schaft & look patiently through the scope

I’ll turn into thick fog if you take a shot with your tainted thoughts painted with senseless strokes

You dreamt that I would rot when you put the mark at my heart from the other side of the shore

You better check your clock coz I’m on your watch to put a stop on your timeless goal

I know you wish & want but you simply can’t block coz I’m simply a free & formless soul

It’s the way I talk whether you like it or not but I’ll free you from the twisted knots crippling your core

I promise I won’t haunt from the very top to crop your vulnerable & shielded ghost

Coz I’ve walked on the path full of thorns & my drops that looked like the bed of roses

So I’ll simply take you to the dark to show you the burning sparks from daunting dot of beautiful hope

—– A Dot of Hope —–

A Dot of Hope is a multidimensional poem, that portrays the importance of hope, when we feel as if nothing can be done to dissolve the pattern; to come out of the pain body. When you are in touch with the inner peace, nothing can break you. You can also help others to come out of their patterns by guiding them in the right direction, by showing them that little dot of hope.

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52 thoughts on “A Dot of Hope

  1. The last stanza is my very fave! A voice that asks you to be yourself and true but is willing to show you more… That’s the voice I heard in your poem. ☺️

    1. Thank you, Hal!! I’m glad you liked my poem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. It’s my honor to have you on my post ✨🥰🤟

  2. Good morning my dearest Navin (Soon it will be morning for you – it will be morning soon: is this a scene from Romeo and Juliet? 🙂 )

    “So I’ll simply take you to the dark to show you the burning sparks from daunting dot of beautiful hope” Splendid! The entire poem is splendid. The construction is magnificent: moments of past passion; transformation; formless promises with hidden meanings.
    You are a magician. Your words are fire, ice, and mystery.
    Your poetry blows me away.

    1. What a beautiful comment, dearest Gabriela. Not only are you a magnificent, amazing, crazily sweet, kind & down to earth writer, you’re also amazing in “decoding” my poem….”moments of past passion; transformation; formless promises with hidden meanings”….love🌹🙏✨

  3. Just a perfect read at this time! Hope is definitely powerful. You expressed it so wonderfully. Loved the way you showed hope to all the readers through this!

  4. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again..your mind is beautiful and a day to crawl and nestle into it is a devine experience…

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