A Poem – My Bits

I know you feel that I screw your head with my crazy snapping bit
Just don’t misinterpret by interrupting me, you’re making me insane & very sick
Just don’t tell me to leave or zip my lyrically slippery lips
I’ll then turn everything into gloomy shades of ashes, coz I’m simply so lit
So don’t make me glare at you with my demon eyes, your ground will burn & then split

I’ll spin my twisted pen to scribble alphabe(a)ts on your sensitive skin
I’ll flip out on you if you play plain judge when you sit on that judgemental seat
I’ll mentally hammer you down under the surface with the firing words that I spit
I’ll slit you into pieces with my edgy skills if you match my level of devil so big
So stay away from me before I pour your floor with the intense flow of my bleeding ink

I do trip every now & then when I keep loosing my weakend grip
I do hit hard on my ground & damage my brain, full of spots & pits
You see, healing with time is nothing but just a believable myth
If I’d simply sit back in my pit & wait for life to turn so slick
Nothing will ever change & I’ll remain a freaking sick

I’m trying to gather my pieces in peace to make a proper fit
So I’ll keep ripping my skin to stitch every single bit
To steer my unbalanced wheels for this wicked trip with no tricks
I promise, I’m gonna be around for the family in thick & thin
Jitter & sparks in my messy circuit but there’s no switch yet to make me quit

—– My Bits —–

My Bits is a poem, where I’m trying to gather myself after being provoked to the monstrous level. It’s like I get blinded by my rage & then it’s very difficult for me to come out of it, especially, if others try to match my noise level. I’m suggesting others to back off when I’m in this red zone. Talking about consequences, ordering me, raising voice or similar in that moment would only make the situation worse.

In the second half of the poem My Bits, it shows how I’m learning to observe the silence closely before the storm hits, to control my snapping. Writing poetry & talking about such matters openly, helps me to heal faster and it helps others to understand to a certain extent how I see the world when I feel imbalanced, angry, insane, numb & very sick at the same time.

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24 thoughts on “A Poem – My Bits

  1. My dearest Navin, this is a masterpiece. I cannot even breathe. The power of the feelings in this piece is incredible.
    And then :
    “I’m trying to gather my pieces in peace to make a proper fit
    So I’ll keep ripping my skin to stitch every single bit”

    WOW! You have my heart. Your metaphors are splendid. I am speechless.
    Sending you love and hugs.

    P.S. My only way to get to your site is to wait for you to like one of my posts and then jump to you. Is this stalking? 🙂 Till WP figures out why I cannot reach your site I will do this because I don’t want to lose you. Will you forgive me?

    1. Dearest Gabriela, I’m absolutely blown away by reading your beautiful comment. Thank you very much. I was in the zone when I wrote this poem.

      You may “stalk” me as much as you want to….I would love it….it’s the only way to talk at the moment….I don’t wanna loose you either….you’re too precious!

      I don’t think things are going to be better….either WP or the new host has screwed up ny blog after the migration….I’ve been writing to them quite often but no solution….people aren’t receiving any notifications….so I’m going to give 7-10 days more….thinking of closing this site and buy a new domain at WP….since last 2 months only issues I’ve faced….have lost 85% of my followers….and those who’re left, don’t get notification….It seems WP don’t wanna help as I’ve migrated the site….so I can only see one possibility….to crawl back to them as my readers are important to me….I’ll of course, stalk you so you can follow my new blog….let’s see if some miracle happens in the meantime….I wasn’t aware this scene would be so messy. Thanks for your amazing support dearest G❤️🙏

      1. My pleasure Navin. I am blown away by your poem. What a piece. It helps to be in the zone. That I know 🙂

        I am so sorry you have to go through so much trouble. Perhaps is better to open a new blog and then invite people to like the new one. You will solve it. Do not give up. We all need your magnificent poetry.
        Sending more love your way.

        1. You’re really very kind dear Gabriela 🙏❤️

          This is what I’m going to do….close this site and open a new blog with fresh name….perhaps this all was happening as subconsciously i wanted a new start….so WP & Dreamhost (my current host) helped me…..I’ll definitely not stop writing due to all this. Much love ❤️✨

            1. Hey FYI,
              This is my last check before I permanently close navinspoems.com & open a new site.

              I’ve received following reply from WP. This is my last request to check at your end……🙏

              “In order for your subscribers to receive email notifications, they must ensure they have managed their Reader > Followed Site settings for the site in question to enable “Email me new posts” as outlined in the screenshot below:


              As a first step, I would recommend contacting your subscribers and ensure they have toggled their Reader settings appropriately to receive notifications.”

              I would also recommend to enable “notify me of new post” (receive web & mobile notification)

              If your both the settings are already enabled & you still don’t receive any notification, then “Houston we’ve a problem…..mayday”. If not, then I still have some hope.

              Pls let me know at your convenience 🙏❤️

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