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Reblogging – Set Me Free

The glimpse of you
Refreshed the memory
The sense of you
Close to me
The presence of you
Is pure intensity
The voice of yours
Is sitting in me
Every word of yours
Is roaring inside of me
Takes me back
Makes me sad
It makes me cry
I am loosing control
Is the glimpse of me
Being left alone
Is the presence of me
No hand to hold
Are the words of mine
Let them flow
Free the soul
Free the mind
Wish to set you free
Let me BE
Set me free

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26 thoughts on “Reblogging – Set Me Free

  1. Oh how i can feel this to my core Navin…superb expression my flowic. As long as it’s fleeting and you can grasp at the stars again to ground you in the happiness that can be found. My heart w/you!

    1. It’s an old poem from Dec 2017, when I had started writing poems….I felt like sharing it once again….thank you for reading it and for your kind & caring words, Preeths ❤️

  2. This is such a beautiful piece, and exactly what I needed to hear. Such lovely writing and your words hold so much emotion, power and love. Well done 🖤🤗

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