Reflection Hologram

These days my best friend is reflection
But there’s no deflection from the sense perception
Simply sensing the vibrations from several different creations
And finding peace in the middle of heavy explosions 
Being conscious is what it takes to loose the cautions 
This isn’t some cinematic fiction, it’s just an observation 
It’s the pure affection with that unknown relation
Where there are no diversions & no manipulation
This reflection takes me to the greater depths beyond imagination

It seems as if this world has tremendously changed 
Changed is the scene when I walk outside in the heavy rain
Perhaps my reality has built another picture frame
Perhaps the meaning of life for me isn’t the same
Perhaps I can see the deeper dimensions projected on my screen
Perhaps I can see my reflection in everyone I look at, a thought insane
Perhaps I can relate to the pain of every single face that passes by my lane
This picture is so intense than the trillion stars in the outer space
Reflection is what I’m reflecting, it’s the hologram of my inner space

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8 thoughts on “Reflection Hologram

  1. The line, “Reflection is what I’m reflecting, it’s the hologram of my inner space”… is so powerful! I also love that you write about how we see one’s reflection in everyone we look at. I wonder about the external reality around us mirroring the universe of stars within us. Strangely, I do find myself relating to every book character I read in my university and the people around me. Sometimes I wonder, is it a true reflection (oneness), or am I projecting an image of myself onto them (separateness)? I feel like I experience a bit of both. 🙂

    1. Oh wow….I’m thrilled to read such a beautiful comment of yours….thank you very much, Linda….the way you can mirror & reflect what I wrote…as well as project your own thoughts….your inner intelligence….your deeper knowledge….I can sense that you experience a bit of both…I do as well….we’re both reflectors & projectors….no, not the electronic equipments 😂….but the spiritual ones….It’s like we can find a piece of ourselves in others….relatable….but we can also separate ourselves from others….unique….perhaps, someone else can relate to that unique to make it relatable again….I find them interrelated….somehow….am I making sense? 😊

      1. Haha! Spiritual projectors and reflectors, I love the description about how a true reflection is relatable whereas a projection is unique! I also see it as the electronic equipment! One reflects light back to depict a truthful image (reflector) OR one projects his or her “unique” light from a distance away (projector). 😀 YES!!!!!! It’s exciting when threads of thought tie together like that. Very insightful thought, that our uniqueness is relatable to another… could that thread of thought go round and round until all of humanity finds a ground of commonality?

        1. Loving the electronic equipment analogy as well….”could that thread of thought go round and round until all of humanity finds a ground of commonality”….one could also hope….we’ll always find the common grounds….perhaps not all ✨😊

            1. Interesting to read your idealistic mind wanders away from….thank you for letting me share my thoughts….on top of that, I’m glad to read yours 😊✨

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