Sacred Connection

It’s a story of this unique kind
Naked spirit & so divine
Full of energy, a playful type
A real handful at certain times
Not afraid of jumping from the skies
The sensitive soul in fluctuations & noise
Is the purest blessing in innocent disguise
Love the passion in the beautiful big eyes
Expresses the joy & pain in hyper ways

A new colorful day begins
Under the shining blue stars
The intense fire is burning
In deep space with black holes & scars
Striding towards big world in smaller shoes so cute
Mesmerized by depictions of fiction as if it’s all so true

Sensible are the two words in mind

Let me be, just let me be, are the heartfelt screams
Or perhaps standing all alone, sounds like a scary dream
Visuals are heavier, on that delicate little screen
Emotions are throwing curves, heart is simply streaming

Start now to connect the first alphabet of every single line
Sacred connection you’ll discover, it’s just not a simple rhyme

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