Say No To Plagiarism

This all started when I read a wonderful poem written by @kalpeshdesai.official on Instagram…the same day @taru.chaya (Taru’s WordPress blog) tagged me to the Instagram community prompt hosted by…I replied politely to Taru that I don’t normally participate in any kind of prompts… replied that they would love if I could make an exception…this line sat deep in me…I’ve always supported genuine writers, content creators & artists of several different kinds…and I care a lot about our community…be it on WordPress or on Instagram…so I decided to give this prompt a shot…I’m not good with prompts but here I am with my poem on Say No To Plagiarism…the main message is to support & protect our community…let’s do it together ✨

So you liked the lines I’ve just typed
You enjoyed the rhythm & my unique style
The different vibes that I experience day & night
The communion between the dark & light
You feel somewhere that you too wanna write

And now you’re sitting idle on this edge
Cooking rotten schemes in your head
You wanna elevate yourself without any depth
Steal my story, ideas & concept
Showcase them as if you’ve bled my lead

Don’t you dare remove original colour with your artificial dye
Just don’t roll your dirty dice on this sacred space so white
Do you think copy / paste with a few changes is alright?
Just know one day karma will hit you in silence with speed of light
Your conscience will reveal your real face that you tend to hide

You know you’re living your very own life
It’s a blessing & it has its own pure shine
The biggest theme is to see yourself directly in your own eyes
So be true to yourself & learn slowly to stand upright
One day your inner mirror will reflect your very own rhyme

Say no to plagiarism coz the writers put their heart & show you a glimpse of themselves through their own lines

(In this poem of mine, “I” could be YOU & “you” means the culprit)

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17 thoughts on “Say No To Plagiarism

  1. Well first.. I admire you took the challenge to do the prompt. Once again, I had no idea this was happening on WordPress, and I’m sad to see that it seems to be.. and you are so right, sad to say these are people who wish they could write and want to be known as writers, poets, but without the gift. I liked this line of yours a lot:”as if you’ve bled my lead” So you Navin and so good… You can’t write about it, if you never bled it!! That’s so true..and yet I guess wannabees wish they could just reheat someone’s blood..they never bled themselves..

    1. It’s… kinda silly, I think, Karima.

      I mean – what are these people actually accomplishing? It’s not like anyone is going to get rich copying another person’s poetry. To a large extent, I wanna say, “Get a life, Guys!”


      1. True, it’s quite silly what people do at times…David, it’s not about money or fame…getting rich…it’s about authenticity…a person puts his / her heart in those lines…perhaps that person is sharing the true story…what that person has gone through…writing poetry is an outlet as well…things people have difficulty in talking about…they express in the form of writings…imagine that person finds out that his / her writing is stolen…how would that person feel…it was already difficult for that person & now the poem has been stolen…it would give “what’s left now” kinda feeling…no matter what, a poem about sad-happy moments, pain-joy, life experiences – realizations, creativity – prompt – listening to the muse…whatever it is about…but a writing must never be stolen…it’s about that 💫…thank you very much for reading this poem of mine, David ✨🙏❤️

        1. Navin – don’t get me wrong – I totally agree with you. It just seems so pointless from the perspective of the person who’s stealing a poet’s verses… To the poet, they’re meaningful… but to a random person? I think this speaks to a certain emptiness these thieves tend to possess.

          1. Oh, I did get your point, David…and I totally agree with you, what you’ve just wtitten…I was sharing my perspective how it can affect a poet…how such an act of plagiarism are meaningless to those random people…exactly, it’s a certain emptiness these thieves tend to posses 💫💟

    2. I’m glad you liked my poem…based on this prompt…spreading awareness is quite important in such matters…thank you very much for your heartfelt words, Karima…they mean a lot to me 💫

  2. So glad you accepted the prompt. LOVE the poem, Navin. “Say no to plagiarism coz the writers put their heart & show you a glimpse of themselves through their own lines” So true. Plagiarism is not only disrespectful but also hurtful . Thank you so much for taking the time to write this amazing piece. Wonderful .💕

    1. Thank you very much, dear Grace…I’m glad you liked my poem about this subject…thank you so very much for your reflection 🙏✨💟💫

  3. Well done! I had a post go viral a few years back and it was copied and posted everywhere often without attribution. It hurt to see people stealing my image and my words to sell things. You did a beautiful job describing how writing is our blood, our babies, our life and when you steal it…its simply shameful.

    1. Oh, that sounds terrible…I don’t understand how people can simply steal others’ work…it is shameful…thank you very much for reading my poem, Bridgette 💫

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