Scheck This

What am I doing here so late?
Why do I feel like sketching something on this slate?
I see the intense light that falls upon it from the sacred place
The need to chalk a story which is so pure & sane
The need to create this beautiful form from a deeper place
Darker shades appear brighter in the light of this glowing face
Everything around this is above & beyond with high stakes

Peel my skin off to realize what lies behind these layers
Thick red ink is flowing in my veins to line these phrases
Pain is a delicate part of me, that I dig to find my grounding
Peace is the river inside of me, that I flow to reach the darker surroundings
Love is the fire in my heart, that I burn to live this life, is quite astounding

Connections that are profound & sacred, are the ones that I truly cherish
These words will never disappear even though I one day will transform to the ashes
They are permanently embossed on my soul, that I’ll keep carrying
Every single moment is meant to be, is what I’ve been believing
There are no such things as coincidences in life, that we’ve been living

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