Right side
Left side

Peace sight
Beast eyes

Sea site
Breathes wise
Breeze smiles

Feet slide
Flip sides

Red eyes
Feast vibes

Bright light
Dark knight
Kills mind

Fake dye
Fate dice
Flame dies

Grey skies
Clay shine
Tear cries

Deep voice
Screams sigh

So keen
Soak beat
Choke key

Low me
So deep

Sow me
Plant sea
Plan be

These lines
Thin ice
Heat rhyme

High five
Sounds nice?

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14 thoughts on “See-saw

  1. Oh this was wonderful to see and read aloud. Your presentation on top, dear Navin was so striking and perfect like the balance needed on a see-saw Love the double meaning even in your title. This poem was exquisitely crafted and yet it flows so naturally…the back and forthness, the up and downess of you. I read it several times and marveled at your impeccable rhythm and your very own rhyme. Always such an experience to read you..I look forward to each new poem, each new revelation of you my friend 🌹

    1. Such beautiful words…I’m delighted to read every single of them…this poem is a part of me…how I, at times feel like this see-saw…it’s an honour that you read it several times…thank you very much for this sharing…for your comment, Karima ✨🙏💫❤️

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