A poem about anxiety: Silenced Thoughts

I’ve gone speechless in these dark nights
Not able to breathe as if I’m wearing my skin skin tight
Not able to strike words from my slick side
As if my lips are sealed with loctite
But thoughts are racing with top speed in my crazy mind
I’m clenching my jaws & my teeth then grind
My blood is burning as if I’m about to street fight
But I only see myself & my own eyes
Coz I’m the only one standing on both sides
My eyes are heavy & this scene appears blurry from my inside

Am I the only one sensing everything is wrong coz I didn’t understand anything at all?
Am I the one draining energy with my own thoughts?
Am I the one weakening the body by sucking the blood out?
Am I the only one feeling lonely & restless tonight?
Am I the only one trying to sleep hard but the heart is wondering around & falling apart?
Am I the only one soaked up in tears & feeling so cold in this dark night?
Why am I feeling all this & why are my demons laughing at me so loud?

It’s my anxiety, that’s hitting me hard
My energy is quite aggressive & strong
It’s affecting everyone the way I behave & talk
I’m grateful that I’ve been told, that all I need is to calm myself down
Be kind to others than to just point their faults & flaws
So I’m updating my third eye OS to fix my inside & out
How many more times do I need to die to get such wake up calls?

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6 thoughts on “A poem about anxiety: Silenced Thoughts

  1. Calling your strengths and courting the cause or is it the cost of it all that feels so lost? The strength in you is a blessing to these tired eyes……I feel to live in the presence of what has been keeping me alive….now it’s my turn to figure out how to live this new life. If we look at it as “new” does it lessen the blow of what we have to relearn and the pains to some of the growth. Thank you for sharing your indepth flow…Much love in the healing journey you show

    1. We learn “new” every single moment of our lives….the highs & lows will always be there….but how we flow & float….is what keep us alive in this world….it could be terrifying to meet the unknown (mine is bleeding, anxiety & panic at different levels)….but once we know that the head is approaching the unknown….the heart will embrace it before you even know….to live in the present moment of now….but I do admit, it’s not that easy though….these are the testing time we go through….thank you very much for your comment….keep gathering the strength in the healing journey….Much love

      1. thank you very much my flowic…..purging as the layers peel away…i ponder the purpose to any of the knowledge in the first place? lol….we got this huh Navin?? we know we don’t and do and if that’s not a conundrum in and of itself…we are (grin)

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