It’s hard to watch, I sigh
Need to stop playing these slides
But I can’t hit pause even though I try
The dreamy crystals start to melt the eyes
The transparent projections of the lonely tide

Images are so vivid on my OCD screen
Oh see the scene of my patterns in high density
The heart aches at times with sheer intensity
My fingers pass through the phase of fluidity
The sensation of pure touch is deep within me

Memories are burnt with layered cries
The beautiful face & that breathtaking smile
The hypnotizing music in the angelic voice
Those poems were once dipped in You & I
This space is still painted with pure shine

The flipping of the choice in the blink of an eye
The zipping of your lines in the case of my mind
The tripping of my heart when I sip your vibe
The ripping of my parts from the very inside
The dripping of my art in the form of these rhymes

Can you root what I’m grounding?
Can you sea what I’m riding?
Can you feel what I’m writing?
Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t expect things
All I’m saying is that I’ll always love you, miss

So I key those slides safely inside the ocean of my eyes
And I beam these lines freely in the Universe so divine

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©2022 Navin’s Poetry. All rights reserved. Photo taken by myself.

23 thoughts on “Slides

  1. Oh Navin..what a beautiful description of nostalgia, love,yearning and loss…and yet…it stays alive…that flame that won’t die…. burned on the back of your eyelids like a projector….and you are helpless to look away. I too love how this is written and how honestly your heart confesses that your big love, does not disappear into the night… without a whimper, without leaving those hypnotic images and memories of when it was so alive in your life…. in some ways, in many still is and still will be. I so admire how you find your voice, every time to honor this memory that lives inside of you.❤️

    1. Well said, my dear friend…I’m deeply touched…your words took me back again in the memory lane…coz you’ve described it so beautifully…thank you very much for this gift of your heartfelt words, dear Karima 🙏💫❤️✨

  2. love this Navin expressed so beautifully! Your rhythm and flow are perfectly wonderful.
    “Standing as firm as a proud tree.
    Floating like waves sailing the sea.

  3. I seem to have missed a few of your posts Navin. I’m uncertain if they’re showing up in my feed or not… However… I’m glad to have realised and come to take a look. Whenever I read your poetry I’m always captivated by your lines. To pull a few out is impossible. Brilliant, brilliant writing.

    1. Thank you very much for reading my poetry…you’re always there with your wonderful support…and it means a lot to me, Bree ✨💟💫

  4. A treasure and a treat it is to read your poem! The rhythm and the rhyme makes a stunning impression – reminding me of the times when the most painful and the most beautiful had merged into one thing – when poetry comes from that place, it is this exquisite.

    1. “the most painful and the most beautiful had merged into one thing”…the exact state of mine in this poetry…your ability to see & sense is beyond beautiful…my gratitude to you, Pragalbha ✨

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