Slow & Steady

Once upon a time
I saw the dark skies
The stars were shining bright
But the inside of me was in terrible fright

The night then passed by
The sun was showering its golden light
But I was picturing the worst if I weren’t alive
The confidence was lacking in me at that time

Picturing scenes with horrible endings
Where my family left behind with my ashes & nothing
Paralyzed body & unstable mind was planting these thoughts in my grounding
Everything was unclear & unsharp with bad timing

But then I invited myself to meet me
To look at the things differently with the eyes of spirituality
I believe everything happens for a reason, nothing is coincidentally
This bleeding in bleeding tells me something deeper than the mind can grasp mentally

Then I decided to reset my inside
I started to accept my new reality inside & out
I understood no wonder was going to happen overnight
Slow & steady progress is the only way to find the stable ground
To reach the unknown places, where I can reunite the soul, the body & the mind

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