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A poem – Smoking Soul

I can hear the silence
Silence is violent
Violence is fighting
This fight is painful
Pain is so hungry
Hunger is craving
This craving is crazy
Crazy are emotions
Emotion is a feeling
Feeling is deluded
Delusions are exploding
Explosions are hurting
Hurt is not worthy
Worth is so dirty
Dirt is though earthly
Earth is the grounding
Grounded in deep gravity
Gravity is levitating
Levitate the outer space
Space is full of circles
Circle of tiny dots
Dots are the elements
Elements are flowing
The flow of pure smoke
Smoke is formless
Forming the eternal soul
Soul is the purest beat
Beating of heart
Heart is breathing
Breath of inner peace
Peace is to love
Loving to live
Living to keep dying
Dying to relive from the deep

—– Smoking Soul —–

Smoking Soul is a poem about how I sometimes can hear the silence. Sometimes silence is violent, which triggers the chain reaction of emotions & observations. How it takes me to different phases and how it guides me to reconnect to the pure energy in the end – the beautiful / smoking soul. I am sure, it is not just relevant to me but to many others.

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66 thoughts on “A poem – Smoking Soul

  1. I admire how you have used every emotion and the way you ended on love. A great take. A clever and unique perspective every human faces at particular phases of life pinned down in this poem. Great job my friend. Keep up the good work

  2. I am so sorry I wasn’t here sooner. Will you forgive me?

    From silence, to dying, to living, to closing the circle… the non ending rotation of a carousel.. birth, hate, love, death.. and silently we start over… and only YOU can describe everything like this.. only YOU..

    I would like to say: Stop spiraling… I don’t want to come back… and yet I will be back because I need to read your poetry and everything starts again.. birth, love, hate, death, silence,

    Fabulous work.
    You have my heart, Navin.

    1. Would I ever be mad at you that I need to forgive you? Never. You must write whenever it suits you, dearest Gabriela.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. You’ve got the essence of my poem….”the non ending rotation of carousel”

      I’ll be more than happy if you come back to read my poetry while I’m spiraling like the wind.

      Have a lovely weekend with inner peace.

      Much love ❤️🤗✨🍫🌹

  3. To be honest, I had never read a poem of this kind!
    This is so unique and so powerful.Each line had its own uniqueness and I loved this piece. Probably the best poem in your blog.
    Great job, Navin!❤️

  4. You write very well you have portrayed the struggle the torment the turmoil so vividly . You conclude on a positive tone of positivism and hope which takes it to a different level .

    1. That’s exactly i was experiencing…the river was simply flowing…thank you very much for your kind & beautiful words ❤️✨

  5. This is just BEAUTIFUL ❤️…. Crafted in an amazing way, each word, each line, each emotion is perfectly expressed and wonderfully written. I can feel it inside my soul. It flowed so well with a unique special pattern. Such a fantastic heartfelt emotional honest piece. Really loved it. Truly great work, you are gifted ❤️

    1. Oh wow….I’m delighted to know that you could feel it inside your soul….this is the biggest compliment ever….I’m speechless….thank you very much for your beautiful words….I’m deeply touched ❤️

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