Spoken Word – Inner Music

Music created in GarageBand

Inner Music

What does music mean to me?
What’s the rhythm & melody?
What’s the meaning of its lyrics?
What’s the depth & its beauty?

It’s like when the blood in my veins is playing the riffs
When the heart of mine is thundering drum beats
When the eyes of mine blink the hi-hat
When the brain of my self is synthesizing & compiling the different sounds

Silence is the lyrics that I write for this unique song
Deep voice I possess to sing my own lyrics
It’s blowing the self away & melting down the lead in me
It’s pushing me beyond my own untested & untrusted limits

Lightness & Darkness are the effects I use on my sound stage & screen
Connecting with my inner audience, which was once forgotten behind my scene
I’m lost in this divine music that unites me with the energy of the unseen
This is the salient sound of my inner music

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10 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Inner Music

  1. So beautiful Navin, with your wonderful twists of phrase, your unique metaphors, we can hear this inner music, these lyrics of silence, the thundering drum beats of your mind echoed by your voice, and oh dear Navin…what a song you have tapped into..It’s euphoric, divine, inside you…..and you allow us to hear it through your perfect words! Magical!!

    1. It’s so lovely to read your words, Karima…beautiful & heartfelt they are…you use your senses & write from your heart.. I’m honoured that you liked my spoken word…thank you very much, my friend ✨💟💫

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