Spoken Word Poetry - The Edge

Spoken Word – The Edge

I sit sharp on the edge of my bench in the dark with a hatchet in my hand to break open my senses & to claim that my pain in the veins is not vain but insane

But I get so mad & a bit sad when I spread metal scraps on myself coz then I bleed the beads so discreet on my crease to decrease the misery

So I feel quite shaky as if my skin is so thin like a leaf & it starts to burn instantly to create the debris that comes out from the heat of the seed

I’m torn at my core that I feel this need to ease & burn my peace into pieces on the street that’s filled with so many deep & some holes unseen

So I scream in infinity with my fluctuating beat coz I can’t simply breathe & it seems I’m the beast hinged to the scene of the shattered dream

I relapse on my screen coz this all feel so diseased when I see this degree of release & then I step explicitly into the bed of fire to become the deceased

But then I focus on to drop my sores with the source of my scope in this hope that one day I’ll for sure end this whole to simply blow everything to the pure

—– The Edge —–

The Edge is quite a different kind of poetry. It’s about my struggles, which I could see on my inner screen. This poem was flowing into me & I’ve written those images in the form of this freestyle poetry. It became so intense, at least in my head, that I’ve recorded it in my voice. This is the first time ever, I’m doing Spoken Word. So bear with me. I think, I’m mostly doing it for me coz it feels right, irrespective of my voice or lines.

Spoken Word – The Edge

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45 thoughts on “Spoken Word – The Edge

  1. Wow, this is intensely beautiful❤️Truly thrilling words that have expressed you feelings deeply and passionately.

    “So I scream in infinity with my fluctuating beat coz I can’t simply breathe & it seems I’m the beast hinged to the scene of the shattered dream” this in particular I found profoundly captivating in dark way.
    It was amazing to listen to, your voice took it to an even deeper level within my soul ❤️ really loving your thoughts, thanks for sharing your dynamic mind, what’s in your heart is truly shown through your words ❤️🙂🌹

    1. Thank you very much for beautiful words of yours….my darkness is light to me….would you lit a light if it were always bright…my dark leads me to the light….much love ❤️

  2. Wow Navin, What an amazing piece coupled with your words which was a phenomenal addition in spoken Poetry. You described so well pain and defeat and the release pain brings. I love the burned my peace into pieces on the street. And the end was so uplifting giving hope to dark days..
    Great job Dear Navin! glad you took a leap of faith and read! ❤️ Cindy

    1. Thanks a million for your lovely words, dear Cindy….I think, that’s y I felt this need to release the pain & to find peace through spoken poetry ❤️

  3. I’ve always had a special fondness for spoken word, there is something so powerful when you hear it performed by the artist I feel it brings in a new level of intimacy and connection reader to artist and vice versa. Beautifully done Navin, I’ve been numb to a lot of things lately but definitely felt something with your spoken word piece. Keep writing and blessing us with your talent.

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words, Aanchal….it’s a huge compliment when you say that you felt something with my spoken word….you must give it a try as well….your writings are deep….you’ll surprise yourself

  4. Navin!!! That’s how you sound like!! I’m sorry to be honest I feel bad at times when you leave such powerful comments and yet I falter… truly because they’re are so many layers to your work… You take us on a journey… rather than leaving us stranded in one emotion… And you end with hope… Which seems that much more amazing seeing what the struggle is.

    1. Q!!! I hope you could handle my voice….I’m glad you’re honest….you’re absolutely right, there are many layers….when I write, it’s like poem flows in me rather than I try to think n then write….I’m very thankful for your kind words….I very much appreciate them….I hope you’re doing well, Q

  5. Hearing you speak the words brings the emotion in them right to fore. The way you pause in places highlights the deep thought and emotion at each of those points too. Thank you for sharing, and like others have said I hope to hear more of your spoken word. 😊

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words, Hamish….this poem is very special to me & I’m glad you could feel the deep thoughts process & flow of emotions….I strongly felt that I had to do spoken word….I will definitely try to do spoken word in the future….thanks for your beautiful support….I very much appreciate it 🙏✨

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