Spoken Word – This Feeling

The feeling to feel your presence right by my side
The feeling when you look at me with your oceanic eyes
The feeling when you speak to me with your magical voice
The feeling to kiss your soft lips makes me to sigh
The feeling to touch your body creates the pure fire
The feeling to come closer to you when I hold you tight
The feeling to be with you is to live the you in the I
The feeling to simply melt with you under the beautiful sky
This feeling is streaming on my fluid screen, where you are the shine
This feeling isn’t some daydreaming, it’s the way I see You & I

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Photo taken by myself. Music created in GarageBand.

15 thoughts on “Spoken Word – This Feeling

  1. So tender and romantic, passionate with longing , you describe your living loving heart and we your readers touch your deep love for the one who has captured your heart….so beautiful Navin and I adore this recitation too!!!

    1. I’m blessed to read your wonderful & heartfelt words…thank you so very much for liking my words & recitation…this means a lot to me, dear Karima ✨❤️💫🙏

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