Spoken Word – Transcendental

My new poem along with the spoken word.

The eyes so magical
The voice so beautiful
The flow so natural
The presence so powerful

The moment I saw you
There were some vibrations
That instant connection
Without any communication

It’s not just an illusion
When unexpected is the vision
Sometimes things simply happen
When energy is transcendental

We know change is the only constant
It’s the choice of the very conscious
It’s the glance of the soul so formless
It’s the shine of your love in silence

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Photo taken by myself. Music created in GarageBand.

29 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Transcendental

  1. Love your spoken words..Your poetry absolutely leaps off the page in your voice. This is my favorite verse Navin,
    “It’s not just an illusion
    When unexpected is the vision
    Sometimes things simply happen
    When energy is transcendental”
    That is how it is…you have stated it so well. The poem is vulnerable, wise and impassioned..so much like you my friend.:) So lovely to listen to your recitation:)

    1. I’m honoured & glad to read that you liked my poem & my spoken word…very true…”That is how it is”…it’s a beautiful compliment that you could see me in my lines…I’m deeply touched…thank you very much, my friend ✨❤️💫

    1. Thank you very much, dearest Gabriela…somehow your lovely comment ended up in the spam folder…I don’t understand why

  2. The voice that you lend to the Words, the music that carries it – this is a hauntingly beautiful piece of creation that has found expression through you Navin. The Spoken Words flow from the depth of the Silence and carry the vibrations of existence into the depths allowed by the receiver. The power of choice and consciousness itself conveyed so brilliantly.
    “glance of the soul so formless” – this is exquisitely beautiful. Takes me back to a poem I wrote perhaps 5 years ago. May I share the link with you here?

    1. You make me smile…you make me shine…you make me connect with the divine silence…I’m honoured to read your words…and sense the energy that made you write those words…my gratitude to you, dear Pragalbha 💫

      You may share the link with me here, my friend…from now onwards, simply do it without even asking (whenever you feel like)…coz I’m always looking forward to read your lines ✨

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