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Spoken Word – Transparent

The sky paints this transparent scene
The clouds are floating freely
The sun rays pass through the beams
The nature of magical energies

The airwaves sync the melody
The highs & lows flow exquisitely
The ripples are echoing the sea
The ground is rooting my feet

The track is ripping my skin
The layers are burning to thin
The time is watching it still
The drops are cleansing the film

The naked is pure not obscene
The change is to unchain the theme
The patterns are revealing the unseen
The scars are opening the deep

The seam is melting cracked piece
The noise is filtered to peace
The voice I break is to feel
The rhyme I ride is to be

Spoken Word – Transparent

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53 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Transparent

  1. Oh wow, my dear Navin….this is simply stunning! I was captivated the moment I heard your voice and deeply intrigued throughout. The power in your voice adds so much life to your words…truly an honor to listen!! This poem is absolutely divine. The vivid imagery and striking flow is so deeply beautiful and empowering. Amazingly done, my special friend. This is truly beyond words…I can still hear your voice echoing in my head 🤗🖤

    1. Idk if it’s the onions or the emotions….or it’s a mix of both….the peeling & healing effect of your heartfelt words…I’m deeply touched is what I’m trying to say….I truly cherish your words….it’s like the Sky is directly speaking to me….My gratitude to you, my unique friend….much love ✨ 🤗 🤍💫

  2. A stunning 2nd last stanza, Navin….
    “The naked is pure not obscene
    The change is to unchain the theme
    The patterns are revealing the unseen
    The scars are opening the deep”

  3. Oh dear Navin, this is such a gorgeous write. 👏👏 It feels amazing to hear your voice giving life to this poetry. ❤️
    I am loving it….. My favourite lines are these…
    The naked is pure not obscene
    The change is to unchain the theme
    The patterns are revealing the unseen
    The scars are opening the deep!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.

    1. Oh dear Preeths, I’m delighted to read your heartfelt words….Thank you so very much for reading my poem & listening to my voice….Much love ✨ 🤗 ❤️

  4. Oh my …. How absolutely stunning is your spoken word!! You recite the words with such conviction !! It’s impossible not to get drowned in your words. Really well done, Navin. There’s so much power and truth in ever line of this brilliant poem. Stay blessed and keep writing dear friend 💕🌈🤗🥰🌹

    1. Dear Diana, your heartfelt words means a lot to me….You’re always there with your melting words & support….thank you so very much for liking my writing & the spoken word….much love 🤗✨❤️💫🥰

  5. Woww !! Navin, dette er fantastisk ..! Jeg elskede det virkelig ..! Og din stemme, omg !! Jeg er målløs!! Aww !! Jeg elskede din stemme, der sagde livspoesi ..! Wow! Min ven, jeg er smigret af dine skrifter ..! Jeg kan ikke vælge min yndlings strofe, for hele digtet blev dit yndlingsdigt ..! Dette er meget smukt, min ven ..! Hav en god aften ..! 😊✨

    1. Jeg glemmer alt når jeg læser dine fine ord på dansk, Filarance….tusind tak fordi du kunne lide mit digt og min stemme….det værdsætter jeg meget….ha’ en fortsat god aften ✨ 🙏

    1. Thank you very much for liking my poem & spoken word, dearest Jeff…you’re a priceless gem….much love ❤️ ✨ 🙏

    1. Thank you very much, my dear friend Blue….I am always very grateful to see you drop by….reading, listening & supporting my writing….I am blessed 🙏✨💙💫😊

    1. Yeah, you did leave your lovely comment on IG…I took this picture in the woods…I wrote this poem much before I took the picture…when I was going through my photos, this one stood out right away ✨

  6. truly a wonderful piece so beautifully expressed in words and hearing your voice was so lovely Navin..Love the cleansing feeling to this poem. wonderful poem my friend.. 💖💖💖

    1. I’m delighted to read that you liked my poem in words & spoken word forms….thank you very much….much love, dear Cindy ❤️ ✨ 🙏 💫

  7. I could feel every word! Beautifully crafted again♥♥! I am surprised as I do remember that I subscribed to you! Idk what is happening! Btw Beautiful work 👍🏻

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