Stop fixing Me – Just simply Be

Listen to your inner voice
Sense the gut feeling
The intuition
It is the deepest and purest voice
It is the voice of wisdom
Try not to give attention to the voice of fear
The voice of pain-body
Turn down the volume of the mind
Talking to you constantly
Telling you what to and what not to do
It will eat away the very essence of you
Let it go and breathe freely
Don’t let the anxiety control the flow of air
Open the doors of higher sense perception
Listen to the heart
What You Believe Is What You See Is What You Get
Know yourself well
Be your true friend
Self-love is the key
Don’t be afraid of falling
There’s always a curled learning
Even dark has light
Connecting with silence is not being quiet
Being vulnerable is not the weakness…
…Was the conversation between I and mySelf

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17 thoughts on “Stop fixing Me – Just simply Be

  1. Pure wisdom in pure feeling..
    I love how this flowed from you in a very positive river of small messages to be absorbed by us, your readers standing on the shore. What yopu say is truly ancient wosdom, but you say it from the heart, and because you have lived it, walked it and can testify it’s the better way..
    My favorite couplet”
    “Telling you what to and what not to do
    It will eat away the very essence of you”
    Wonderful writing to yourself Navin…but we were close by listening too:)

    1. Thank you very much for liking my writing…and yay, my book has arrived…I’m so glad & honoured that you’ve bought it…hope you’d enjoy it…thank you so very much for everything ✨💟💫🙏

  2. There is certainly a lot of wisdom here Navin. Being mindful is really key and I don’t spend nearly enough time working on that. I often wonder why it was so much easier to have complete faith in God, My Father, when I was a child then now. I still have what I would consider very strong faith, but I didn’t second guess myself as much. My life was nuts too, as you know. Great post Navin.

    1. Thank you for liking my writing & thank you very much for your heartfelt sharing, dear Joni…it all starts from faith…when we listen to our intuition, we start trusting ourselves…mindfulness is everything…making food, going for a walk, sitting n relaxing, writing, listening, doing nothing & an infinite other things…to me, it’s simply being present & doing things at my own pace…by sensing & by being there…even peeling & chopping an onion couid be amazing…metaphorically & literally ✨💟💫

  3. I’ve been enjoying catching up on some of your poetry that I missed 😊. This one specifically is absolutely divine. I love the message and the finishing line, just fantastically done. Oh and the acronym in the middle of this piece is such a creative idea and executed brilliantly. Magic my friend 🔥🔥🤍

    1. I’m honoured that you’re giving your time & catching up on some of my writings…I’m delighted to read that you liked this piece of mine…that acronym is how I see things…thank you so very much for your wonderful words, dear friend ✨💟💫

  4. I really enjoyed this poem. I, too, sunshines find it difficult to quiet the mind when there are many thoughts all jumbled and fighting for time at the front of my brain.

    Keep writing Navin, you have a knack for it. 🙂

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