The song is throbbing my inside
And the heart is beating the loud sounds
The moon is hiding in dark sky
As the clouds are acting like greyhounds
The memories are causing red sprites
To light my darkish grey ground
So I sit silently at late night
To embrace the moment with teardrops

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39 thoughts on “Teardrops

  1. I have already said how wonderfully crafted this is, but I will say it again 😉 Your ability to create an atmosphere is next level 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Oh wowww Navin..! This is so deep and touching..! Relatable..! You really expressed very well..! I loved this piece very much..! Fabulous..! Keep shinning my friend..! Have a beautiful day..!✨✨😊

  3. I can’t describe it exactly..but when I see it, hear it, I know it’s yours.once again Navin. You have such a unique turn of phrase. This line, so visual and surreal. “As the clouds are acting like greyhounds” I see those clouds grey and sleek, sprinting quickly across the sky. This is a wonderful piece, telling and confessional…I love that you are not afraid to be vulnerable…That is real strength and you paint it so well through your amazing poetry.

    1. It’s my honour that you can recognize my writing…I felt that line so strongly that all I had to do was to write it down…can you imagine it all started with a song…a unique voice…that connected me to a special memory of a beautiful soul…that night was tough…thank you very much for liking my writing, dear Karima…

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